order for a friend?


sorry if this has been asked before, but i want to place an order to be delivered to a friend.

I know that obviously the name and address on the outside can be whatever you want but will my name be on the invoice/receipt that is usually inside the box?

I'm pretty sure it usually has name and address on the paperwork,

is there any way to basically send an order as a gift without my name or address being on anything with that order?


Does this friend have a Lovehoney account? x

nope i dont think so.

If you order the item to their name and address non of your details will show up. It'll have their details as the customer details. The invoices on the inside don't show payment details or prices, it just lists their details again and the items ordered.

i definately wont have my name as the "bill to" ? i cant remember what details appear on the paperwork tbh.

ive just done a live chat and they say the same, only delivery details are on the paperwork.

thanks for the help guys!

Ah Chat has beat me to it !

We have done away with the A4 printed sheet and downsized to a smaller sticker inside which lists:

Order number

Dispatch number

Items ordered 

No prices, names or billing is included on the printed label inside the parcel

Then there is a printed label on the outer parcel for delivery with the usual suspects , delivery name and address 

You learn something new every day. 👍🏻

thanks leanne and everyone else for the replys.

I do seem to remember it was just a small sticker in my last order now you mention it.

why do you now send it as a sticker? I understand the making it smaller, less wastage. But why is it not just a smaller piece of paper? Why do I need to stick to it to anything?