Orgasm causing shooting headache and migraine

Hi all,

So just throwing it out there to see if anyone has experienced anything like this.

Been giving wife orgasms for the past 24 years, in just the past 2 months she has been having great orgasms (some as a result of great toys), but every now and then right at the climax of some intense orgasms she is getting shooting pain from her shoulder up into her head and ends with such a migraine that she feels dizzy.

Been to the doctor and they have done a head CT to make sure she wasn’t having an aneurism, but doctor came back with “nope no problem, nothing to report” - which is good for her sticking around, but not good for sex life as obviously she is now very apprehensive to let go and have a good orgasm.

Any advice or lived experience is appreciated. I mean I could take credit for being that good at orgasms, but I would prefer she is able to enjoy them without her head exploding.

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I’m pretty sure (I don’t know for certain) but it’s all to do with blood pressure if you have a orgasm and have a headache straight away it’s to do with blood pressure

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That could be very well the case as blood flows a lot quicker when your exited

Coming from a male’s perspective but myself and several mates have also had this after cumming. We’d get serious headaches and pain up your neck.
Seems to just stop with time but not very nice


I would possibly suggest blood pressure issues, but I am surprised the doctor has not looked at that. Might be worth a BP check at doctors or pharmacy. Needs to be checked out further.

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It was a blood pressure issue for me (male) and beta blockers cured the problem.

they just said to have aspirin every evening and gave her tablets to take as soon as the headache starts, that is it.

If it’s a shooting pain from shoulder up to head it might be something to do with a nerve that’s getting trapped or something when she gets to the orgasm moment as our bodies tend to go into tensing mode when hitting climax… maybe she could go see a massage therapist to get them to check if she’s got a knot or nerve there that is triggering it and then if so maybe some acupuncture might help :nerd_face:

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Post Coital Headache is a recognised medical condition. Generally (although not always) nothing too much to worry about however for specific advice you need to speak to your doctor. The excellent website has good background information on it in the headache section.

Maybe it would be an idea if a Dr would join in the advice section
On a professional basis. You should always see your own GP tho

I get headaches if I don’t slowly build up to an orgasm. Whenever I used to use more powerful toys that had my orgasm go from 0-:rocket: in 30 secs, it was too much pressure and I’d get headaches. There were a few times that my vision went black too or I’d be seeing spots. Having an orgasm dragged out of me really wasn’t pleasurable.

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Thanks, yeah I have read a bunch of those sites about this and they go into the two different types, but generally they say it might last a while and then they may go away, which is not a lot of help :slight_smile:
We have been discussing with our doctor, but I was just asking if anyone has experienced it and found a solution. Doctors only worry about pain or injury and as long as the headache is not going to cause a major problem, they don’t really care if we never have another orgasm, cause that will prevent her having more headaches :wink: so they are not overly concerned with resolving that part.