Orgasm from giving oral

I wondered, is it common to orgasm from giving oral? I've never heard anyone say they do but I've never directly asked anyone.

It definitely doesn't happen everytime but I can orgasm from giving blow jobs (if they are deep) and especially from face fucking. Perhaps I have that medical condition where your clitoris is deep down in the bottom of your throat 😉

I can honestly say my wife has never orgasmed from giving me oral even deep throat so maybe I guess her clit ain't as deep down in the bottom of her throat 😜

My parter has a few times from giving me oral :) lol

I have but only a couple of times, I love giving head it really gets me turned on. I usually orgasm through penetration.

I think 90% of sex is in the head. Ask any guy if he can get aroused enough to come even if his dick isn't being stroked and he'll say sure.

This can especially be a thing for 17-20 year olds whose rate of getting laid is not keeping pace with a notoriously insane libido at that age.

My X wife claims to have come as a teenage girl while having her hair washed by a guy at a hair salon . she told me she was very horny at that moment and thought he was really hot. When his fingers started massaging her scalp as he washed her hair she said she sit there in the chair and very quietly came.

You're not alone, Friday13. I can, too. Especially when he's loudly enjoying it!

I have before! Its like you said tho. It doesnt happen with your run of the mill dick sucking its more when its deep, rough etc.

Yay! I'm not a freak! 

it's happened to me once or twice so it's definitely not a regular thing but nice whilst it lasts!

Friday13 wrote:

Yay! I'm not a freak!

No your not a freak!

It's something I'd love to be able to do, I get extra turned-on (if that's possible) giving oral, hopefully one day! ^_^

Nope, never happened to me!

Not actually through oral, but my OH has come before 'hands off', so I'd say it's perfectly possible if she finds giving oral that big a turn on.

I get extremely turned on by giving oral, I'm sure that I could cum during, if I was super horny.

The missus doesn't. However she has said she enjoys having me in her mouth while I give her an orgasm (usually 69ing), but that doesn't tend to happen either, as the sound (and feel through vibrations) of her cumming sends me over the edge, too. And cumming in her mouth (or anywhere near her face or hair) is a big no-no.

For those seeking to be able, I'm sure it's entirely possible to condition it as a response. Using orgasm control/conditioning techniques (similar to Pavlov's dogs).

Love giving oral im always sooo hard when i do but i dont think i would cum during though

Never happened to me, although I love his response

MissNoir wrote:

It's something I'd love to be able to do, I get extra turned-on (if that's possible) giving oral, hopefully one day! ^_^

Agreed.. im hopeful