Over the door sex swing.

We are thinking of getting one of these in the next few weeks. Wondering which one do people think is the better one to get. There not much difference in price so that not a issue.



Will watch this thread in anticipation! So need a swing!

Bondage god they both look good but I reckon the second one. It looks and sounds amazing!

I also want an over the door sex swing, but the thing is my doors aren't very sturdy so does anyone think that I could still get one? Xx

I've got the first one. To be honest, they look much of a muchness, so I'd probably see if there was anything else I wanted in the deals they're in, to help decide.

You need sturdy doors. Hollow doors would possibly suffer

Cheers Foxy, i kinda thought that I was out of luck tbh *sobs uncontrollably* lol

We have the second one and still enjoy it. We even took it with us when we moved to New Zealand. We even used it while Ms Badger was pregnant with on problems.

Both look fun. Just make sure your doors are able to take the weight . Last thing you would want is a joinery bill and one of you spending a night at the A & E .

The only difference (other than price) with those is that the Fetish Fantasy one has adjustable hand straps and the Bondage Boutique one has static handles. Other than that, they're identical :) 

Hope that helps! 

Ok thank you everyone. Foxxy there not many offers at the moment with the swings. Some free bondage tape which I already got. Though can never have too much. Must be quite strong to use while pregnant badger73?

Thank you Jess that is helpful.


I brought this one can't wait for it arrive now.

I tried one of them, but My FM screamed. So it got binned! :(

With any of these, if you can, use it on the side where you're pulling the door shut not open, IE, don't have it on the "bedroom" side of the door?

If the house is yours you can screw into the roof beams with hooks, if anyone asks they were; "from some fitness gear" you used to have?

Used the swing for the first time last night. It does take a bit of work getting in to it. Have to use a lot of upper body strength once ur strapped in to it. Going to take a few uses to get used to it.