Overcome Premature Ejaculation with Toy


Does anyone have any experience over overcoming premature ejaculation using a toy. I’m looking at getting something like this:


Currently I use sprays/creams which are fine but they will never help overcome the problem. Any advice appreciated.


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I used to cum almost instantly to the point it deteriorated my relationship and ended it.

I bought the fleshlight equivalent of what you posted and now feel confident in the bedroom with my new partner.


I posted a lot detailed review already you could have a flick through

The one you posted is a lot cheaper, but will likely work similarly. I found it feeling like a vagina helped me get used to things.

I think my issues were lack of experience and phycological, but feel this helped a lot. A trip to your GP is also a good idea as they can recommend other solutions.


Thanks that’s really useful and a really useful review too!

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I don’t know if this might help, but years ago I read that while your peeing, stop the flow a few times. It helps develop the ability to stop yourself cumming. It might be hog wash.

What I tend to do when I know am close to blowing my load is I stop, sometimes take it out if am inside her. But usually just stopping thrusting for a few seconds will help to delay it. Word of warning though, stopping it too many times can cause the erection to disappear.

Also try new positions, deep positions that mean you’re not thrusting, her on top sitting, doggy is a great one. Go deep inside her and grind against her bum cheeks. My wife orgasms every time when I do this and I last for ages.

The cross position is also a good one for controlling thrusts and try to go a bit slower, it will help you controll your orgasm as your going slow and will feel it starting.

Hope that helps

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Yes! This is doing male Kegel exercises which can help with bladder control as you get older, but have also been known to help some men with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and increase intensity of your orgasms. They’re most commonly advertised for people with vulvas/vaginas but definitely worthwhile for people with penis’ too :blush:

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