Does anybody have a packer that they wear day-to-day?
I found an old forum thread where somebody had asked about how they would harness one and the recommendation was to use the brief style harnesses that are mainly used for dildos.
I was considering wearing one under Speedo style swim briefs but didn’t know whether it would hold in place. Has anybody tried one with swimwear or in public in that sense?

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I don’t have personal experience but packers can be worn under most underwear providing it’s a snug enough fit so Speedo style trunks should be fine. Just make sure you thoroughly wash the underwear first to make sure there is no colour run as it can transfer to the packer.

If you are doing anything more active than normal day to day stuff then you would be better off looking for something to secure it more. Some harness makers do make ones specifically for packers but things like jockstraps will also work.

If you intend to go swimming/be in water, TPE packers will often float so it may look like you have an erection if it isn’t held down well enough.


What’s a packer ? Like internal? For men or women?

Packers are soft products shaped like a penis and testicles. They are used to simulate the look of a penis in underwear. Some are also designed to allow the wearer to urinate through them.

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Here’s an example:

Ah ok so sock stuffers … I thought you mean internal packers in which case I wear those daily lol

Due to their weight, size and texture - I reckon they would stay put if used with some nice, tight pants/underwear/speedos.

However, if you were doing any activities with fast/hard movements - then it has the potential to wriggle around a bit.

Why don’t you try it for a few a hours while you’re just lounging around at home, then you can see how it’s hangin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Cupc8kes I think you’re right about trying it at home first. My worry is a floating rubber penis in our local swimming pool! I don’t want them to ban me :joy:

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Maybe try it out in the bath if you can, so how much issue you have

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