Paddles whips and chains!?

Hi just starting out on basic bondage items but would like to try more as I enjoy a spank every now and then. Would anyone recommend any of these types of items for the bedroom? I've seen a few with good reviews but not sure if it'll be down to personal preference or if there a main one that everyone would use?

I think it's preference, but personally I own four wonderful Paddles which I love. They're a good beginner piece, less 'extreme' than others.

There's that many options I'm not sure where to start! Would like a nice size that would give a good kick to it with a simple flick of the wrist

I love our spreader bar, our triple heart paddle and weve also got a whip with the little ball bearings on the end and also a whip with velvety tassles....

i reccomend all of them I couldnt choose between them, depends what mood i'm in...

The paddle i can use all the time but the one with the ball bearings ive got to be in the mood for as its pretty sore afterwards if done too hard lol

I'd like a nice sore pain a small thrill and excitement at the same time and something that's not going to be scary for a first time user

I love spanking paddles the most. Paddles and whips give different sensations so you would be best of trying both and seeing what suits you the most.

I'm assuming you've been spanked with a hand before ? For the next step up I'd probably go for a paddle. Crops and whips need building up too and a cane should only be weilded by a very experienced hand. We have this

and although it's listed as advanced if used on the suede side it's not too can then turn it over to leather side when you feel ready and it gives a really good slap and leaves really good marks and bruises if used hard enough. It has me crying out and I can take a really hard spanking.

Just a word of caution - make sure that whoever is doing the spanking stays fairly low down on your bum and stays well clear of the kidney area, a good spot is where your thighs join your bum as the skin is quite sensitive there :)

Hope you enjoy :) x

For your first ones I'd say go for a paddle in that case and you can add to it from there.
I have a few different paddles, different materials etc :)

We have this this split paddle, which is really good.

Hi there, a great starter paddle which I have is this one as it has 2 sides - one soft and one firmer, and it's on offer atm:

Communication is very important so that you know when you are ready for more - or if you need to slow down. Floggers are great too - but again always start slowly and build up the intensity. This is a great starter flogger as it is not too intense and is a good length but can also be built up to a lovely strong sensation - it also feels amazing being dragged over the skin:

I hope this helps:) xx

Paddles, bondage tape and massage candles tend to be good allrounders for starting off.

I wouldn't bother with satin restraints at any point, as they're a bit of a waste of time, but velcro or leather cuffs are a good step up after that.

Check out my reviews, I have a few relevant both for things to buy and things to avoid :P

Personally I don't use paddles. That's not really for any reason, I just never got into them. I mainly use belts, canes, a baton and hands along with various other things found around the house.

I'd suggest talking it through with your partner, maybe looking at some of the items on the site together, and seeing what gets you both excited. Trust your instincts because half of the excitement comes from the anticipation.

Whips are a little difficult to handle and take practice to become accurate. Canes can be fairly brutal too. It really depends on the implement and the person using it though.

My genuine advice is to look around your house for pervertables. Once you know what you like (stingy/thuddy, the image or the pain etc) then you'll have more of an idea what is right for you.

I would go with a paddle if starting out. It's easier to aim a paddle than a whip or riding crop,

and it's important to know which parts of the body should be avoided when spanking (the areas where kidneys can be damaged for example)

I've just ordered this going to use it upside down, one clip for a nip, and the other two for the OH's labia, was wondering about adding a rod to hold the two clips/chain apart pulling everything else(attached) apart

I agree with Scorpius with this paddle

And this too, especially if you like the sensual side of BDSM

Think I'll start of with a paddle then! Thanks for all for your help hopefully be happy spanking for me 😂 😁

Personally I love a crop and flogger and a cane.... but crop is the best as you can do much more with those

We use a leather flogger, just really like the sound it makes through the air and on impact. It sounds like it should hurt more than it does. This gives a warm glowy feel but, depending on the scene, a couple of strokes with a fine cane to finish leaves red lines across the buttocks. Then we get dressed and go out for a meal.

I think its good to use a few of each, floggers, paddles, crops, ect. To mix up the sensations, and also alter the strokes, from rubbing over the body, to light strokes, through to harder strokes.

The more variety, the more fun.