Pain after orgasm

I’m just wondering out of curiosity does anyone else suffer with pains after an orgasm? Or does anyones partner here experience it.
I’ve had it now for the last few years, every now and then. Recently it’s becoming a lot more frequently. It only happens after piv sex, mainly doggy position. It feels like stomach cramps/period pains and can last upto 1 hour.
It’s really bugging me and need some tips to try and help stop it.


It could be your pelvic floor muscles or even your womb remaining tight/in spasm after orgasm. There are some good videos on YouTube on pelvic floor release exercises, that you may want to try? It sounds muscular, since it’s like cramps (I’m no doctor though) I’m sure others will have some ideas/experience of this too.


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Length of the penis? Is it rough sex? Does it only happen after orgasm or even on simple PIV action?

Sounds like he’s possibly hitting your cervix if it’s in doggy position…I had a partner that basically was just too big and it hurt after sex…couldn’t do doggy position…as the pain afterwards was really quite bad and I bled too. We had to avoid deep penetration positions and experiment to find which ones worked.

After my first baby things changed too…

If it’s worsening get yourself checked over for piece of mind.

Hope you get sorted.

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This is actually quite a common occurrence for both Women and Men. There are quite a few causes such as Dehydration, Bowel problems and Urinary issues to name but a few.

It may well be beneficial to consult with your GP mainly due to the fact that there are quite a few reasons for the symptoms you have described. Your GP should be able to narrow it down a bit as to what is actually causing the cramps and suggest a course of action.

If you are feeling a bit embarrassed about consulting your GP with such an issue, I assure you they have heard it all before.

Thanks for all your replies. He is bigger then previous partners but I’ve had this with other people as well so I don’t think that’s the cause.
I have no problem seeing a gp and I have a good relationship with my sexual health nurse( family friend) so I might just get in touch with my doctors. How it feels like to me is cramp in a muscle but I’m a nightmare at bending my toes at times during sex so they hurt after aswell lol maybe I’m doing that but in my insides. I really don’t know. I try and relax but sometimes I forget to

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I’d defo recommend talking to your nurse friend so then can get a definite conclusion to why you’ve been experiencing this. Chances are it could be down to the sex position your in at time of orgasm causing the after pain maybe

Sometimes depending on how my legs are positioned and how intense the O is I can get full on cramp in my sphincter when I climax, it hurts like hell