Pain after vaginal sex

My partner experiences vaginal pain, sometimes for weeks after intercourse. This has reoccoured for years and has never been medically diagnosed or remmidied. Does anyone have a suggestion that they feel helps this situation? I want both of us to have enjoyable/comfortable intercourse for many years to come!

It depends what kind of pain it is, I mean if it’s for weeks after maybe she should go see a doctor, hopefully they will get to the bottom of it and offer solutions? I had this just after having my first child and it turned out to be a slight cervical prolapse, the problem did fix its self as it was only very slightly prolapsed but if your partner has similar then it may need treatment to fix it. And if it’s something less serious, then she shouldn’t be living with it and doctors should help as it’s not fair to have pain every time after sex! I hope you get it sorted! In the mean time I’d suggest being a bit more gentle and perhaps use lots of lube? Less likely to do any harm that way!

I just posted on the older thread you commented on but in case you didn’t see that response. Have you looked into conditions like vaginismus and vulvodynia? The first one is a involuntary spasm of the muscles which can make penetration impossible or extremely painful whilst the second one describes more of an external pain that can feel like a burning sensation.

Have all the other possibilities like cysts/endometriosis/sti’s and reoccurent uti’s been ruled out by the doctor during a physical exam/tests?

I had this problem myself and was very frustrating for myself and my husband alike! So, we know exactly how you feel, if that's any consolation? I felt very depressed about it for a long time, and after doing everything I could including numerous visits to the doctors, gynaecology and GUM clinic, I've decided to try and deal with it positively. I have an issue with being tense and anxious before sex, due to some trauma years ago. It may be that your missus could be stressed with work or other life factors or whatever. I know stress affects me, makes me tense and sore during sex. Try to talk about it with each other and it is worth mentioning to your doctor so they can refer you for help. I am going to start psychosexual counselling, which will help address the physical problems and pain during sex. All I can advise is to use plenty of lube and approach intercourse gently with lots of foreplay and just stay strong and support each other. You will get thru this, I'm determined to as I have had enough of struggling! Remember you're not alone in this. I hope this at least helps you feel a bit more reassured. If you need more advice, don't hesitate to ask. I check my account everyday and will always get back to you or your missus asap. Take care and keep positive, you're lucky to have each other and nowt can beat that! 😃.

I appreciate the words of encouragement Emerald269, and feel for you and your husband as well. We have also been through the doctor, gyno, specialist route, to no avail. My partner has finally decided that any sexual activity within her pubic area is out. I don't think it's time to give up, on the same token, its just dificult to talk it through and not feel like "its all about me". I agree with you regarding support - at least staying positive and supportive means we retain a close and loving relationship - just not physical. I guess over time, we will sort it out. I have felt lucky and love for 25 years, no reason it should stop now.