Pain after vasectomy

I worked in a clinic where we’d be the first port of call for testicular pain. Most commonly caused by a varicose vein - a varicocele. Did they spot anything during your scan? Sometimes we’d need to do repeat scans and need to do them during a flare. A dull pain was the most frequent symptom.

Interesting you say you cycle. Cycling doesn’t help. We’d see a lot of cyclists having testicular scans. Stop until you’re sorted if it bothers you that much. Pain is a message that something’s wrong and your body wants you to stop.

Your username is Diggerman. Do you drive plant? That’s pretty hard on your sitting parts, too. Try one of those donut cushions if you’re a driver and having a problem.

Will ejaculation clear the fluid? You don’t have to ‘beat your meat’ (for want of a better expression) to ejaculate. If it gives you relief but hurts to do it invest in a Hot Octopuss Pulse, Fun Factory Manta or Lovehoney Ignite type of toy. They can be used without an erection so if you’re having pain you may find them easier to ejaculate with.

However, you should NOT be accepting this. For starters you’re potentially saving the NHS thousands of pounds by not having another child. The least the GP can do is to refer you on to a specialist.


Wish my GP listened to you, I just get fobbed off. Constantly told it happens (and given a random statistic)

For me the pain gets worse and worse then ejaculation helps for a day or two then the pain comes back ten fold until about a week or two before it starts to numb a little again

Rinse and repeat

@Chase have you said all of this to your GP ? One could infer that it appears your GP isn’t doing the job he/she/they should be doing. Have you spoken with the people who did your vasectomy?

@VR Hi, during ultrasound they spotted fluid building up and small swelling on varicose vein, but said the swelling wouldn’t be the cause of the pain.
As for my username, use to drive machines, now stuck in an office.
Ejaculating relieves the pain for 2 days max, but it’s the discomfort of initiating the fun. Never had this pain during long periods of no fun with missus before the snip.
Only got the procedure because wife’s health at risk should she fall pregnant.

@Chase - your description is exactly how I feel. And due to epilepsy, I can’t take strong painkillers. Always so seems to start on the left, then on the bad days spread to right too

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I have spoken to the gp with zero results yes and with constant changes in doctors they are not the best

Tried to contact the hospital that did the work but they don’t do them at that hospital anymore so not been able to find the doctor who did the actual procedure

@Diggerman_Baz yeah mine usually on the right but I’m with you. It is a dull pain that seems to grow

I have noticed what seems to feel like a lump that grows in each testie before ejaculation, that lump goes down after then starts to build / grow again

It started to give me anxiety about the pain which resulted in me stopping myself getting an erection in case it hurt to ejaculate which resulted in arguments with the wife as she said I couldn’t stay hard

I think both of you need to go back to the GP again. It’s usually women that get fobbed off like this, not men! Stupid, but not completely irrelevant question but have either of you seen a female GP? They’re usually a bit more empathetic - though not always.

If neither of you can face another appointment with him/her I think you should find the hours and address of the nearest GUM/FPA clinic. I worked at a GUM clinic on and off for a few years and can tell you we saw cases (usually women) that had been seen by a GP several times but remained unresolved until they saw one of our fab doctors. If they can’t sort you then ask them to write to GP explaining that you’ve been desperate enough to attend there. Tell them that your marriage is at risk because of this. Lay it all out there and don’t be a stoic bloke! That usually lights a fire under them as it goes on your records and doesn’t look good on them if not sorted.

Also, if neither of you have discussed this with your partners you need to. They need to understand how badly this is affecting you. We women are funny creatures - if you don’t pay us sexual attention we start doubting ourselves which starts a chain reaction of not being confident with our partners that makes us reluctant to want that attention when our partners give it. Nip this in the bud and talk about it. Make sure they know this isn’t a whinge but a serious problem for you. Invite them to your appointments if you haven’t already. It all helps.

@Diggerman_Baz I’m actually outraged on your behalf. So they acknowledge your pain but then don’t send you on or recommend your GP does? Yep, outraged! It pisses me off no end that GPs and other NHS professionals that are well-paid can’t be bothered to help. We’ve had a rotten year (from NHS point of view alone) but I’m hearing time and again the same complaint - GP ‘can’t’ help or people are seeing a different GP every time so there’s no follow-through. It’s sometimes not their fault, sometimes is. But absolutely NOT helped by this awful system most surgeries have of not assigning a patient a regular GP.

Honestly, you both MUST take this further for your health, sanity and marriages. The squeaky wheel gets oiled first. Get out there and squeak!


@VR Wife is aware but is less sympathetic due to the blow outs over it over the years and has ended in me just putting up with it and shutting up/keeping to myself

Do you know how I go about getting a GUM clinic appointment? I presume I can’t just turn up


@VR Since yesterday, reading all the responses, rang the GP, I had been referred to hospital but with no feedback. So decided to chase it up myself, I haven’t received any word from urologist because the waiting list is 2 years long, 118 weeks to be exact. Made them aware that I can’t keep popping painkillers due to epilepsy, risk losing drivers license and job. Due a phone call from urologist today to discuss next step.
So going private for first consultation, GP says it might get me boosted up the waiting list. In fairness GP is female, but local clinic has been trying their best. Started with antibiotics incase it was infection after the procedure.
Wife is aware of the problem, she could see I wasn’t myself, and libido had gone down to near zero.

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Might cost you a few pounds but it’s got to be worth it for your peace of mind.
It’s a real shame the NHS are not able to help and that waiting time is ludicrous.
Good luck @Diggerman_Baz. :crossed_fingers:

Did you get that call?

Going private is sometimes the only way to start the fire. It shouldn’t need to happen but it does. The one good thing is that you get to pick your doctor (hopefully).

If you like your urologist and decide to follow his/her advice (if you get re-referred to the NHS), make sure you get to see the same consultant. Sometimes you’ll get referred to NHS and see the original consultant but then get a junior for any procedure. If you like your urologist make it clear you want him/her throughout.

Please keep us updated.

@Chase If you Google GUM clinic near me you will probably get a hit for one at your nearest hospital. Otherwise, go to your Local Health Board website and get the information there. If their website is rubbish (ours was excellent then they ‘upgraded’ it and now I can’t find any info a patient would need).

Be careful with the search, though, as you’ll also get hits for private clinics.

Our GUM used to take walk-ins for certain types of appointments but I’d be very surprised if you could with Covid right now.

If all else fails, ring your local hospital and ask for the number of the Family Planning or GUM clinic.

My husband had the snip in early September, was in and out within 15 mins of having it done, was off painkillers within a day and he’s just received the letter to confirm it was a success and we are contraceptive free :tada:

However he is experiencing regular aches down there and I wondered for those that have had it done, do things take a while to ‘settle down’ or is he one of the unlucky ones?

He’s also noticed he’s becoming semi-erect at random times of the day.

He will be going to the doctors if things persist but would be good to hear other experiences in the meantime

I hope you got the necessary help and treatment @Diggerman_Baz

@k8xxx Myself J was ok no after symptoms what do ever just the Bruising ! No semis or anything when it was ready for action it stood to attention as normal and it’s aim was true ! I would make appointment if he’s still having problems hun :kissing_heart: GL

I have had pain for 11years it has not gone away

There are lots of topics on vasectomy here on the forum @lumberjack and lots of men out there who have contributed to them who have had long term problems afterwards too.

Would a reversal help at all @lumberjack ? I know some who have suffered with PVPS have undergone a vasectomy reversal with success.

There was a member who posted back in 2012 who had alot of post op problems after vasectomy who posted daily regarding his pain increasing daily rather than decreasing…and stopped posting so don’t know if he ever got it sorted.

It seems that lots of men have this pain afterwards and are not believed enough and put up with the pain…it also isn’t explained fully in the pre-op discussion that long term pain afterwards is a risk that happens and happens often…and many wish they haven’t gone ahead with it.

I hope you get it sorted. 11 years is totally unacceptable no wonder you have had enough.

A reversal has been discussed but apparently the way I had my vasectomy done there is not enough spermatic cord left to reattach it.

I had my first vasectomy a few years ago, that didn’t work and had to ho back for a second, electing for general anesthetic after during the first one the local stopped working.
Since then I have suffered a dull ache periodically.
I find supportive underwear and a supportive wife works.
My wife when it gets bad in essance massages my testicles and gives then a good pull and stretch, regular ejaculations are also a must.
This isn’t based on any medical knowledge it just works for me.
On a side I did locate a lump on my testicle initially and went and had that checked out by a specialist and it was all OK.
Good luck.

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Thanks for that I have tried everything to get rid of the pain just can’t get it to go