Pain after vasectomy

Been a while since last posted anything. But to anyone out there that got the snip, did you / are you experiencing post-vasectomy pain symptoms? Been suffering dull ache pain since May this year, local gP is beat. Kept throwing antibiotics at it with no luck. Covid has cancelled any chance of seeing an urologist.
Any tips or advice from your own experience?

Hi @Diggerman_Baz - it would be a good idea to edit the title of your topic to make it a bit less enigmatic. You want responses from people who’ve had a vasectomy, so why not add “vasectomy” to your title? :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Diggerman_Baz, I had a vasectomy over 30 years back now and apart from some initial discomfort, no lasting problems I’m glad to say but I do know that your problem isn’t right.
I had a mate who had ongoing problems afterwards and he was eventually diagnosed with a twisted testicle which apparently felt as bad as it sounds.
From memory, the solution was to manipulate it back into the correct position.
I recall him saying it wasn’t pleasant but had an almost immediate and positive affect so maybe worth discussing that with your GP.
As far as an appointment with a urologist goes, you will get one as long as your GP is prepared to refer you but your initial appointment may be a telephone consultation which is better than nothing and hopefully the trigger for a more thorough investigation.
Good luck, hope you get sorted soon


Your GP can still refer you to them. It’s only surgery that are being stopped. GPs are rubbish they don’t want to do much, you need to ask for it or go through 111 doctors.

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I had a vasectomy last year, and like most others I only suffered pain initially - and haven’t had anything else since (other than the pain im currently feeling as my little girl was just climbing all over her dad).

Not to scare monger - its worth trying to get it checked if you can. I have a mate who is currently going through Testicular Cancer treatment (having had the offending testicle removed) - he was having pain and his doctor kept saying he couldnt see anything wrong. Eventually he went for a private ultrasound scan and found the cancer. I would say push to get a scan just in case…or pay the couple of hundred quid to get one done…better safe than sorry.

Thankfully my buddy seems to be doing very well - and should make a full receovery! But he had no lump…just pain.

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My first question is what kind of underwear do you wear ? Ever since I was a young man playing sports I have worn underwear that supported my boys . I also had my vasectomy over 30 years ago by a urologist . I followed his instructions carefully and only had a very short period of discomfort . following is a link , if I can post it . Good luck !

Thanks for the response.
Yeah, that was docs first idea. Had ultra sound carried out, showed everything 100%. But fluid building up as a result of ducts getting sealed.

Darn , over here it is hard to get in to see a specialist also . Does ejaculation bring any relief , if it does not hurt ?

Changed to tighter boxers than normal, for more support. Helped during the recovery after surgery, while stitches dissolved etc. Reversal has been suggested that I’m not too happy about.

As for relief, sometimes too sore to touch. Has had effect on relationship with missus. She took it personally at the beginning, til she realized how sore I was

Boxers are a no go for me , they just do not hold the package snug enough . I read at several sites that many had relief with snug underwear . I am pretty active with motorcycle riding and off road four wheeling and would not think of doing any of those in any form of boxer . In my mind after playing sports and wearing an athletic supporter , I knew what kind of underwear I wanted to wear . That is my best suggestion until you can talk to or see a urologist . Good luck .

Know what you mean. Invested in first protection jockstrap during recovery, then boxer trunks. Had to cut down on the cycling I do at weekends and hill trekking. It’s like a kick in the groin pain, 24/7. Ice packs always at the ready.
Cheers for the chat

Hi @Diggerman_Baz had mine done a few years ago, no pain apart from the needle , good set of budgie smugglers to cradle your balls, it’s no where how it used to be so for me all ok thinking about doing it then I’d say go for it

Screaming out for a second opinion and if that doesn’t work, think about a private consultation with a urologist if that’s an option?
Even if your GP referred you tomorrow it’s still likely that you wouldn’t get an appointment for at least three months (I know that from recent experience) although for around £250 (maybe less) for an initial visit you could see one privately within a week.
Just takes a quick call to your local BUPA hospital to arrange.
Good luck once again

I’ve had a vasectomy and a vasectomy reversal and although healing didn’t go well and dull aches for about 2 or 3 weeks afterwards im fine

I had the surgery in October 2019. There were no problems other than having to wait a couple of days to masturbate!
The vasectomy shouldn’t be causing these issues. You need to see your surgeon or urologist.

As others have mentioned previously i too had the initial discomfort but after about a week I was ok. What you have described and whilst not being a medical expert doesn’t sound right. Yes COVID has stuffed up alot of things id get the problem checked out ASAP. If nothing else at least for your own peace of mind.

Fingers crossed its nothing serious.

My partner did (and still does) have intermittent pain since his vasectomy.

Turns out he is one of the unlucky few that end up with sperm granulomas.

He’s not in constant pain and it doesnt last long but maybe that’s what you have?

Ask your doctor

I had a vasectomy about 10 years ago and have lots of pain which I have had since I had it done really. Seen doctors and urology all which have said try a reversal or deal with it

Search for PVPS and you will find it is a common issue and unless you are lucky enough to find a doctor who suffers from it they won’t do anything about it unfortunately

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Welcome @Chase

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