Pander to me! .. PRODUCTS ONLY

I’m 62, and I’ve noticed that a fair number of my fellow forum members are around my age or older. In light of this - and of the fact that the proportion of older people in the UK population is a growing potential market - I’d like to ask LH to consider stocking the following age-relevant products:

  • A knicker-vibe that activates whenever you switch your telly to Bargain Hunt / The Repair Shop / Doctors / Countdown (that last one could be a crossover hit with the students :wink: )

  • A range of talking sex dolls that remind you why you came upstairs in the first place.

  • Hardcore BDSM audio-books narrated by Alan Bennett

  • Werther’s Original - flavoured lube

Thanking you in advance,
PleasureDrone :slightly_smiling_face:




This was my favourite. :slightly_smiling_face:

“This was at the start of the Second War when toys were scarce, and for a few years he was able to make a little money selling some of his stuff to a toy shop down County Arcade off Briggate. It wasn’t much. Some leather floggers, maybe a hand-turned dildo or two, but it was enough. He kept his best ones back for the local swingers, who met every Tuesday at five in the backroom of the Dog & Duck”


Please please bring back the Tokidoki unicorn wand! :unicorn::heartpulse:

Also, I still struggle with fitting my boobs in corsets or bodies that say 1x/2x etc, could we have cup sizes or an option for fuller busts where there is actually more fabric in the tops instead of flattening them to pancakes?

I love bright hot pink, fuschia and there’s never anything in that colour. Red clashes with my hair :joy:


I get cramp in my hands a lot. It would be nice to have a selection of toys more ergonomic. Vibrators / wands with handles etc. Honestly it can be so painful holding the wand


Been pointed in this direction after I made a post regarding a riding crop style toy.

How about a riding crop good 18" in length with a small vibrating end for sub BDSM play. It’s not for spanking but clitoral stim while in cuffs, or bent over tide up.

Sure I’ve seen things like this before.

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I don’t use any leather products, and although LH does sell some non-leather bondage/BDSM items (I’ve bought 'em!), I’d love to see more.

Particularly, I’d really appreciate a non-leather tawse. I realise this is a difficult ask, as it’s hard to replicate the stiffness and durability of leather, but I live in hope!

Basically, THIS but not leather:

Having just had a glance I think they look amazing!
If Lovehoney stocked these I bet lots of us would start collecting them…

Would lovehoney consider selling Fleshlight Sleeves?

Would you consider anything like This the Kracken in particular looks interesting


Just to add, anything with suckers is very stimulating…and noisy if that’s your thing :octopus::+1:


You’re making me feel all squiddy! I mean giddy :rofl::drooling_face:

And yes, noise and suctions sounds are very much my thing


Would also love to see lovehoney sell things with them


@Lovehoney_Brenna, Begin the Monster Cock Vote! :raised_hands:t2:

Should LoveHoney bring out a Monster Cock Range?
  • Yes
  • No

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The vote looks like a landslide victory :joy::raised_hands:t2:


Any more votes? :smile:

I have passed along the requests to our Product Team! :slight_smile:


Yas! Thanks so much @Lovehoney_Brenna :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grimacing:


There’s no guarantees though!