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Fantasy Cum Lube

Like Bad Dragon Cum lube or something similar! Extra thick and stringy!

Creates quite a spectacle!

Maybe Lovehoney could create their own version if there’s enough interest :grinning:


Fantasy Dildos

Much like the above would love to see a Collab with a company like Bad Dragon or even just some inspired products that are a little extra ordinary compared to the standard shapes.


Will Lovehoney be stocking the Zumio E? I know you have the original but I can’t remember seeing the Zumio S. The E looks really interesting though

It’s truly stunning, pictures don’t do this justice. It’s by far the prettiest dildo I own :heart_eyes:


“Tracy’s Dog Suction Vibrator”

Just a recommendation as I think a lot of Lovehoney’s would enjoy it! It’s similar to the Womaniser G-spot and Clitoral one but a lot more affordable.

Would also love to see Lovehoney do their own take on this!

Is there any chance of stocking a HEAVY (like 200-300g) WIDE (at least 4.5cm wide) benwa ball set which also vibrate via a remote? I know this may be the thing of dreams but I’d be seriously interested.

I think it’d be fantastic if Lovehoney stocked the Luzarte Jollet!

There’s a huge gap in the Lovehoney catalog for stationary dildos, we’ve got more than enough dildos for thrusting, I personally love using a clit toy and a dildo at the same time and thrusting a dildo or holding it in place whilst using a clit toy is very cumbersome, I’m sure myself and many others would love a dildo which is meant to stay put inside of you.

Plus, they’re exceedingly beautiful toys, probably the prettiest dildos out there, I think that this fact alone would make them immediately attractive to customers.

If shipping to England wasn’t so expensive, I would’ve bought a Jollet as soon as I’d seen one, I’m sure many others are interested in this gorgeous, unique, and well-designed dildo.


Ooooh the butterfly one is soooooo pretty (ok they all are but ooooh)

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Some lockable collars and cuffs would be great.

Hiya! Not sure if this is actively monitored in this thread - but have been interested in nuru massage gel -
Here are some options with links to competitors:
Mr Nori’s Magic Gel 1L Authentic Nuru Massage Gel
Nuru Massage Gel with Nori Seaweed & Aloe Vera 500 ml

Wow those are stunning! They look like they would almost satisfy my longing desire and fascination with Bad Dragon dildos!



Having a real thing for ben wa - I would absoloutly love it if you stocked (for a decent price) the OhMiBod Krush Love Life Kegel Balls. Please please can you tell me if you get this in as it looks amazing.

MyMagicWand Bunny Therapeutic Massager, Purple

This product is amazing and it fits the Lovehoney wand perfectly!

This wand attachment is probably my second favourite after the flutter. Love the material and colour too.

I love this toy too!

Moregasm+ Rabbit Ears

Would be great to see Lovehoney stock it or one like it.

So easy and simple to use and the bunny ears are fantastic for clitoral stimulation!

I’ve been looking for a thread like this for a while! My biggest gripe with not just Lovehoney but plus size lingerie in general, is the back of outfits.

At size 24/26 I can’t think of anything worse than having an exposed back, I don’t find anything sexy about my back fat
Rolls hanging out.

I’d also love to see Bardot style baby dolls that’s cover upper arms as I know this can be another area that I’m body conscious of.

I’m all for body confidence and I’m sure some people love backless but I know it isn’t just me with this concern as after speaking with friends (in the swinging / club community) this is something they’d also like to see.

Lingerie that feels like it was designed by someone plus size who can understand which wobbly bits/areas may affect your confidence.

Again not speaking for everyone just my personal view and that of friends.


I’d never come across that till now - I take it that it’s pretty good from reviews

Yeah it’s amazing! It’s so convenient to use and the soft ears are perfect. It’s only at AS though :confused: But hopefully Lovehoney will make something similar!

This is maybe something I’m missing when checking the website but, when a lingerie item is selected as the Deal of the Day is the plus size available on the deal (assuming a plus size exists for that product)?

If it isn’t, I think it should be. And if it is, it could maybe be made a bit more apparent. I’ve seen many DotD items that are lingerie but cannot remember seeing any that where explicitly plus sized.

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As a previous AS rep (that doesn’t sound dodgy at all) the products have completely changed in eighteen years and I’d love to be able to get the original R rabbit with beads - it was so pink and pretty and did a pretty good job but the classic is no longer :frowning: