Pander to me! .. PRODUCTS ONLY

Do you mean like a desktop calendar with daily tear-off pages with kinky things on then?

Dakimakura style body pillows, you could do pillow cases with famous pornstars and have slots for flesh lights\dildos

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Now that I’m going back through the process of using vaginal dilators again (I have vaginismus and another pelvic floor condition as well as fluctuating gender dysphoria which means i go through phases of wanting and enjoying vaginal sex and then being repulsed by the thought a few months later), it’s got me thinking that the ‘perfect’ dilator set doesn’t seem to exist.

Don’t get me wrong, the currently available sets do the job but they could be more enjoyable and less intimidating. My perfect set would have the following:

  • A wider range of sizes, maybe 7 or 8 because the current jumps in sizes can be quite scary.
  • A soft and flexible design maybe made of liquid silicone with no solid core (most are quite rigid and hard especially the smaller sizes which are the ones that really need to be the softest)
  • A slightly curved and tapered shape but not pointy
  • Bright cheerful colours (think rainbow colours or fun patterns)
  • A method to insert a small bullet vibrator (could be supplied as part of the set) into the larger ones and attached to the handle of the smaller ones so that the vibrations carry through.

I really think there’s a gap in the market here and would love to see some more interesting and fun solutions. Because i have to keep going back to them, an expensive but quality set would be amazing.

Would love to see one of those LED light up butt plugs available on lovehoney. The ones with the colour changing base. Loads of cheap options around online but im always abit dubious of cheap butt plugs from unknown sources.


Two type of requests please:

My partner loves both small hands the pornstar and Girthmasterr and they both have replica dildos either out or coming soon! I would love both of these on the store

Suction cup handles and single steps for the bathroom, so I can attach a little block to the shower for my partner to place her feet and handles so she can grip onto something while we have a steamy session. Not sure if these are a thing yet, but they would be great for tiled and flat surfaces, could even attach some bondage rope through the handles to make a nice restraint device.

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I know there’s a lot of the sliquid products available, but it is possible to also have sassy sliquid specifically? Very popular for being thick and similar to silicone lube, without the actual part of being silicone lube and unusable with a few silicone toys.

@Nat99 as someone who has just finished a breastfeeding journey I think this is a great idea!!

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I would love some more lingerie options for larger busted ladies! Or even ones that are designed for different cup ranges like A/B, C/D, E/F etc. A little bit of spillage is fine but when you only have to move a little and your whole boob pops out it kinda ruins the aesthetics :rofl:

I would purchase ‘joi’ vibrator from Lovehoney for certain. I want one but dont want to deal with the sketchy sites that sell it.

Fetish footwear. Like boots and high heels at a reasonable cost. As a husband rather get from yourself with your service and trust you then scour ebay for an unknown seller.