Partner gets turned on quickly

My new partner is more experianced than I am but he seems to get turned on really quickly. Within 2 minuites of kissing with clothes he already has a semi. I myself get aroused quick too but I chalk that up to lack of experiance.

With him I do feel a strong emotional connection along with a clear physical one. Could that be why he is acting that way?

How do I make him slow down getting turned on fast?

Lack of experience indeed. Men just get hard easily. Don't think too much of it.

Aye, wouldn't worry about it, all men, like all women, are different, Personally i get a semi just by looking at the OH, let alone kissing...!

2 mins? ...

2 mins, I get a semi on in 2 seconds even before the kissing ;)

We are all different, just go with the flow :)

I think you should take it as a compliment 😊 I kissed my OH today and BOOM! Instant hard-on, I love it!
Makes me feel like I'm sexy in his eyes plus it's fun to tease him with a kiss and leave him with an obvious erection 😝 Obviously I'm not mean enough to do that to him in public haha

When I was with my ex, I was pretty much constantly turned on. Just thinking about him or reading a simple good morning text would do it for me.

As others have said, you shouldn't think about it too much and simply take it as a compliment :-)

Take it as a compliment as he clearly fancies the pants off of you.

It's not unusual (queue Tom Jones).I always got turned on during any kissing,whether it was a quick kiss or passionate inappropriate for public kissing 😀 just enjoy it

It's a perfectly natural biological reaction. Kissing is designed to arouse us.

I've been with my wife 14 years and all it takes sometimes is skin-on-skin contact, a snuggle in bed, a hand on my thigh. Sometimes even a word or a sentence from her is all it takes.

I'll say to you what I said to her; enjoy it while it lasts!

This might be a silly question, why would you want to show this down? Is it that one he's ready he wants to move on from foreplay? Echoing a lot of the previous replies, I get turned on quickly but my OH takes a bit more time.

I've never seen this as a bad thing. :)

Caliente wrote:

I've never seen this as a bad thing. :)

Me neither ! Take it as a compliment :) xx

Terri JJ wrote:

Caliente wrote:

I've never seen this as a bad thing. :)

Me neither ! Take it as a compliment :) xx

+1! He's clearly very attracted to you :) x

I wouldn't worry too much myself. But if he's getting off too quick it may be a problem lol.

Enjoy it, you are obviously desirable and he feels that.

I take it as a compliment .. he just can't wait.

My bf got so excited he only lasted few minutes before he couldnt contain himself , unusual but I toke it as a compliment to him being extremely excited.. hed not seen me for a while either.

Try getting him to masturbate a short while before you actually make love. It will make him last longer second time round.

My boyfriend takes a minute or two too but I don't see it as a bad thing, it'd be nice to have it in even less sometimes! ;)

Agree with what everyone has already said. We have been married for well over 35 years and she can still turn me on in an instant. We constantly kiss and cuddle during the day and even though that's all we both want, 90% of the time I can walk away aroused.

Enjoy it!

Slow and loving will keep him going longer.

Fast, deep and the cries of enjoyment will send him over the edge.