Pegged by my girlfriend for the first time!

Hey guys, as in the title, tomorrow (Friday) my girlfriend has agreed to use a strap on dildo that I brought a few months ago which I said was an order error but really I wanted anal sex back then.

Since then it was left in the loft, having not being brave enough to ask for anal sex and also forgetting about it.

Told her last night that I would like her to use it on me and she has agreed! That led me to saying I also brought a butt plug recently which I said I tried in the shower and told her I liked the feeling!

(I actually kept this is for 4 hours secretly whilst doing my usual day to day things)(felt incredible deffinatley reccomend the doc johnson naughty mood large butt plug for this as it's very comfortable and the hook is small so doesn't show)!

She hasn't put anything up there yet but has rubbed my anus whilst she gives me a blowjob but that was only recently when I asked her to do it, that felt good also!

I however am not a beginner in this, I have masturbated with things in there and the feeling is great although I would like a hands free approach via my girlfriend, and the thought of being dominated turns me on! Honestly since I asked her to do it, my mind has been on nothing else!

I am a straight male/22, I am not shy in the bedroom and love trying new things! I'll give anything a shot!

So my question is, have you ever been pegged? Also to the women.. Do you like pegging? What's your favourite position to peg/be pegged? Especially a first time pegging?

Also what was your first time pegging like ? Male and female experiences please!

Thank you!

There still seems to be this stigma around men enjoying back-door play, since you mentioned you are straight; it really doesn't matter. There's a part of the body that responds well to stimulation and it so happens that it's mainly accessible via the bum! It doesn't make you gay, even though gay guys realised it's potential before the rest of us!

Anyhoo, I love playing with my bum too. I've not achieved orgasm singularly from it, but it certainly enhances my regular orgasms by magnitudes. I have a range of toys for the job - probes, dildos and vibes - and enjoy employing them all at some point. It's been something of a revelation to me.

My gf and I are long-distance atm, but of course, sex talk always creeps into our Skype sessions at some point. She'd really love to give anal a try and is plenty willing to try pegging me; I love things in my bum, but(t) it'll also be a thrill when I'm receiving it at the whim of someone else and, like yourself, love the idea of dominance it gives my gf over me which, as I've recently discovered, seem to suit her down to the ground, as she seems to have uncovered a dominant personality, in our bedroom fantasies.

We're looking forward so much to finally getting together and enjoying this voyage of discovery we're going to embark on together. I think it's going to be a load of fun!

And the best of luck, Sexlife, with your own adventures, tomorrow night! I hope you both have an amazing time!

Congratulations! You will enjoy every second.

My wife and I have been practising pegging and anal fisting for quite some time. It's mainly she who is pegging and fisting me. During the last year we also do rimming. I can tell you we have great times when we do so.

As you mentioned, the woman seems to discover her dominant side when haing those games. My wife puts me with my back on the bed, lifts my legs high, tells me to masturbate for her and then starts dealing with my anus, rimming me, pegging or fisting me depending on the mood of the day.

Our sexlife has increased incredibly by practising and developing anal play.

Brilliant! Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it!
Seriously I can't concentrate at work.. All I'm doing is searching for stories about pegging! It really is a turn on for me!
I know ill like it as I toy now and then with my bum (which I haven't told her about but may do depending on how tomorrow goes) but still can't wait!

One more thing.. What should I ask her to wear? Like what I'm asking is.. Whilst your wives/girlfriends peg you.. What do they wear? Nothing just the strap on?.. Just Stockings.. Just a bra? Etc..

I know it's up to me what I ask her to wear to do with my desires and what I fancy.. But just wondering :)

Thanks for the replies so far! Hope many more people comment telling me there stories!

I did mention to her that I tried a butt plug for the first time which was the tuesday just gone! Had it in for 4 hours and felt great every step of the way whilst doing my day to day activities.. If you haven't tried that.. I suggest you too! I was a virgin to butt plugs until Tuesday and I don't regret it one bit!

I love this forum.. Feels like I can shout out the truth! Lol

My wife normally wears a black mini leather skirt, black stay ups and high heels. Very sexy with the strapon dildo bulging out

Sounds it! 👍

More comments greatly welcome :)

Welcom to the forum Sexlife 1.

We've been pegging for some years now and wish we had started earlier! One of our first sessions was with a realistic strapon about 5" and doggystyle. I couldn't belive how much pleasure there was to be had from the prostate being probed by the head on this dildo. Also how much was flowing from me.

There's also the sight of an atractive woman wearing a strapon. I'll never forget the feeling I got when she walked in the room with the Kevin Dean 12" almost reaching her knees. And then seeing the look on her face as inch after inch disappered inside me, another diferent experiance.

Hope all goes well, but don't wory if she dosn't ring the bell, practice makes perfect.

Enjoy. x

Thanks brumguy for your response.. Much appreciated!

How often do you do it?

And a whopping 12inch!! Oh my, sounds interesting.. Would love to try it one day although I'm gonna take it easy!
The strap on dildo we have is around 8 inches with 7.5 insertable. The girth is very nice, not knowing the exact measurement but it's bigger than my girth! Lol

I have the butt plug in me right now so it keeps me open'ish for easy entry as its her first time preforming anal on a man, I want it to run smooth! :)

I've had this in me before as I can detach it and the orgasms were incredible although only solo masturbating.
I was eager to feel the orgasm with my girlfriend on the other end. So I asked her and to my suprise she said yes!

I just hope she likes it as much as I know I will!'s the morning after the big night...How was it??

Im very interested to know also.

Please tell....

blueskyman wrote:

Im very interested to know also.

Please tell....

Appears he is still recovering!

Tiberius wrote:

blueskyman wrote:

Im very interested to know also.

Please tell....

Appears he is still recovering!

It must have been one hell of a session!!

It seems our brother has gone M.I.A

I was with a guy who loved anal sex on him and me. I jokingly said to him once that he could only do it to me, if I did it to him and he replied "ok". That's how it all started.

He loved me pegging him and it brought me a lot of joy too, seeing him come with such force.

I love doing things to my Oh's back door! He is very dominant and likes to think he is forcing me to do something i dont want to do but will do because i am owned and have to. Truth is i love it! Even though i am submissive there is something to be said for that brief moment you feel a certain amount of power putting things in your mans ass! Then i'm reminded of how disgusting, worthless and desperate i really am for doing it! And for me... That's the best part! :)

Happy bumming :)

My gf is going to do this to me soon. We are looking at latex briefs with external dildo. It will be her first time doing it to me and i think she thinks it will be mine too but one of my ex's used to fuck me with a huge 10 inch strapon. The vinyl one thats kinda got the foam filling but still firm. And what a girth. All started with being rimmed wen we were 69 ing and went from there. Same with the new one. She rimmed me drunk snd i said i loved it. Gonna try break her into it slowly. Little does she know the huge toys i buy for her are also for me. LOve sliding the whole doc johnson 12 inch double dong deep inside me while i record it and masturbate while i watch it back. Im far from being gay i love my women but theres nothing like getting that hit on ur g spot. Best orgasm ever. :-D

Been interested in this for a long time, the wife plays down there when she sucks me off. Inserts a finger and has used small bullets etc in my bum have bought plugs but she doesn't really use them on me when we are together and I can't seem to get the same feeling on my ownso I approached her last year about pegging when I'd have a few and she said maybe, she'd have to think about it! I asked her again last week and said she isn't keen so not really

im gutted I've been watching pegging porn and prostate massage and get so turned on watching it and want it to happen but I know it never will with my wife! I'm not sure what to do

We do it quite a bit. We have a strap on but have ordered the squirting soldiers off here as she said she wants me to feel what it's like to have a load shot up me. We're both looking forward to useing it ( maybe her more ) it never gave me an orgasm alone always needed to wannabe off as well but the feeling... Although it has the last time. We use it different ways. Bondage her on top and me on top. We have also discussed adding an extra person but she's not100% with that. Although she admitted that she does fantasize about it

Hey people! Sorry it took a while, I went on holiday the morning after.. Wasn't recovering lol made me laugh though! - Tiberius ;)

So then the night in question!

Incredible feeling, incredible orgasm and loads of cum everywhere! All over my chest mainly!

So the story how it went..

I got in after work so excited, I had a shower and cleaned myself properly if you know what j mean! She was out with friends having her nails done for holiday so she wasn't back till 11pm.
I slipped the butt plug in at around 9pm and left it in whilst doing my stuff anxiously waiting for what was to come!

So she got in, say down, chatted for a bit (showed me her nails and then what followed really blew me..

come on then and she grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs, I got into bed and just stripped myself bare apart from boxers, she did the same and put the strap on on.. What a laugh we had! But also turned me on majorly knowing what was about to happen!she said its huge how's it supposed to fit in there and I said well it should be ok cus ive had a butt plug in since 9.

So the lights went off and there she was on top of me kissing slowly on my lips and working her way down to my penis, giving it a very nice suck which with the butt plug in felt great! As she was kissing my lips the dildo on the strap on kept resting agains my anus and penis and then felt strangely arousing!

After a short time she said 'tell me when your ready!' And I screamed 'I'm ready!' Straight after! Lol

She then grabbed the lube.. And I slowly slid the butt plug out and put it on the bedside table.

She then said tell me if it hurts cus I can't feel if it hurts you, and I said ok.

She couldn't find the hole to start with and asked me to guide it so I did, without struggle it slid straight up.. Slight bit of pain.. From stretching my hole I can imagine..
I suprised myself and took the lot in after a short while, and to tell you the truth.. It's not small to me.. 7inch insertable and I thing the circumference is double my penis at least!

So she continued slowly and gently which was nice :) I did have to raise my bum up with a pillow lying on my back so it would go as deep as it could! That felt unexplainable.. Really good!

After a bit, I wanted to try all other positions.. So I went to my favourite when I have sex with her.. Doggy.

Oh geeze it's my favourite when im being pegged now too! What a great position! Not so much for prostate massage but for penetration and the feel of the veins on the dildo and the head of the dildo which is slightly bigger so when she slipped out occasionally it went with a pop! What a feeling!
I then went on top of her! Ahhhhh how fun and great! I don't know what words to use but it is great.. Reccomend it to anyone wishing to try! My next pegging is this Saturday! And I cannot wait!

For the finale.. I lay back on my back, and ask she was pounding away I put her hand on my penis and she tugged away! Soon enough the feeling got stronger and stronger and..
The longest.. Hardest orgasm ive ever had (better than solo anal play and an orgasm) with the most cum ive ever spilt! All over my chest, covered. Breathing heavy.

I enjoyed it massively ! Girlfriend thought it was ok.. But it's early days.. Asked her if she'd ever do it again and she said she will!! And that's this Saturday!!

Glad to know people are interested! And I hope the people on here that haven't been pegged but want to be.. Get it!

To sum up my first pegging experience by my girlfriend in one word.


Thanks and be well!