Penis Pump for Beginner..?

I'm wanting to try out a penis pump for the first time.. never used one and don't wanna hurt anything down there. I'm not even looking for perm gains. I would just like a little extra right before sex. I have heard the Hydro Max line is pretty good... what is something that would be safe and easy? Again, not looking for perm gains and don't wanna ruin...anything.. what types of temp gains could I achieve?


Hey i sufffer from ED and doc suggested a pump i have a cheap manual pump works good for me. the best thing to do is ues it everyday for a week about 30 mins. This will help you get use to it and prepare yourself how to use it its not the easiest thing putting the band on after your full because of the lube its real slippery. it does work though have fun

Is only got this penis pump last week so I can't give to much advice on it yet. But it is my first one and feels good when I am using it and doesn't hurt at all. I like using cock rings during sex and wanted to try a penis pump to see if it gives the same affect as cock rings do.

Forget to post the link.

Just don't overdo it. You shouldn't get pains, if you do stop using it.

Any gains (expect girth only) will be temporary, so get pumped up and have a ring ready to put on quickly. You could put the ring on first as long as the pump can still get a seal. Don't forget the lube and best to have a trim first...

Like with anything - always better with a partner ;-)

Thanks for the help.. what types of temporary gains can I expect? Noticable? I also have a basic black silicone cock ring I have used.. I've always liked it.. makes me look nice and veiny.. how long can I use it for at a time?

It will make you the biggest nature intended, the results are likely to be subtle but noticable just after use, depends slightly on how hard you can normally get without it. How long to use it for depends on how much pressure you put on and what feels ok/right. Short bursts may be better than long periods, it's all down to personal preference though and how comfortable it feels.

Either buy the LH one with the bulltet or have a vibrator to hand, you can press the side against your end and vibrate the cylinder, gets very sensitive but nice...

Best to buy one and experiment.

I first bought a Bathmate last year and have used it until a week or so ago when part of it broke (luckily it's under the 365 day returns policy). But I still wouldn't change it for the world. I bought this product after a lot of research on the Internet.
You can use it in the bath and shower with the shower strap. I got used to it in the bath first as it was initially fiddly, but once I got the hang of it I was using it 4days a week and 15mins a time.
My main reason for buying was because of ED and it worked perfectly. Although a lot of people use cock rings after using pumps I never did with this.
The initial gains for me were slight length and a very noticeable girth. I felt harder/ firmer and got my confidence up to where I didn't need to use it anymore. This took approx 6months for me. But I do continue to use it as it's now part of my routine. Jump in the shower, pump it up and wash myself/teeth etc.
Initially it was 15 mins but I increased this very slowly. I always make sure I do a warm up routine with little stretches and between pumps.
Size increases....first few weeks...
Length - slightly noticeable
Girth - noticeable straight away. You can feel it straight away.
These gains were temporary in these weeks.
4 days a week since owning. When flaccid it's bigger in both length and Girth. When erect it's 1/4 inch longer which is normal for the length of time I have used it, Girth is very noticeable. These gains seem to stay even when taking a break from pumping for upto 2 weeks. I have always been told I have a thick penis and this has made it that extra bit thicker and I haven't had any complaints. This boosts my confidence and helped a lot in the bedroom department.
More recently I bought the tracy cox pump and use this alongside the Bathmate. I use this to warm up to the Bathmate and I have now noticed an increase in length. Like I say, I didn't buy this because I thought my penis was small. I had another reason. But seeing the increased semi permanent gains is a big plus.
I would say that research is key. The price for the Bathmate is a lot but with the 20% off when lovehoney send them out in emails is how I bought mine. I am looking at the Bathmate extreme now with the added hand pump. But that will be an expense I will have to save up for. Over pumping can be dangerous with air pumps and bathmate will not let you over pump as the valve releases. With all the research I have read and now had personal use with, time is crucial. Build up slowly and not fast.

Maybe try a bathmate and if you don't like it. Return it under the returns policy.

I think I will order one and give it a try... I've been looking at them a while... but just have not pulled the trigger. Thanks!

Read my review on Basics penus pump. My length has increased only slightly ( about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch according to my wife but I don't notice it ) but the girth has increased considerably, it's now at least an extra 1 - 1 1/2inches in circumference. My wife is over the moon and struggles with a bj . but can't get enough of it between her legs. I ( sorry she uses it on me ) 2 or 3 times a week so it is permanately increased in size. I think I should have bought one in a larger size as we have a problem getting the thing off my old fella!! The more you use it the better the outcome.