Penis pump users

I recently ordered my missus a pussy pump from here, basics one, just in case she didn't like it, luckily she loves it so will upgrade soon!

Anyway I thought I'd get in on it and buy a penis pump, I just wanted to know how others experiences were? I'm still relatively new to the whole sex toy thing so opinions would be welcome ^_^ thanks!

Used one a few years back which I ordered from LH, wasn't an enjoyable experience at lot, don't know what it was but it just wasn't for me, used it I think 4 or 5 times then binned it.

So its fun in the sense of pumping the penis up and seeing it expand. I quite like seeing my veins bulge it just looks so cool! It doesnt really do anything in the short term but for a good play use it then put on a cock ring to help it sustain for longer and go to town Id say.

Can make it fatter but the effect starts to go as soon as you remove it, but if you're both pumping together then it could be quite good fun does take time for the full effect for both of you so don't be put off requires patience you can really make the misses quite big which could be great?

I would suggest reading through some reviews to get a good idea of other people's experiences :)

I would recommend this penis pump

It does feel good and does make me hard while using. I've not cum yet while using it. I will need more uses with it to be able to write a review. So it is worthwhile reading reviews on all of the penis pumps.

Consistency is key with the pumps. They are like going to the gym! You need to keep using it to maintain the results. They can be a slow process too as it all depends on how they react with your body.

I have always round results come best from the Bathmate range- which uses water rather than air. However they are quite pricey but you get what you pay for.

If using a cheap one, you use it in the bath you can get a similar effect to the Bathmate range I found at much reduced cost, its the air that "gives" in a normal pump, both for male or female pumps.