Penis pump vs male enhancement pills

I’ve been taking the pills to get an erection for a while now and I’m tired of spending the money so I’m wondering would a penis pump be better

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Personally a penis pump did nothing for me, the effect meant I became larger in the pump but as soon as out of the pump the effect had gone and was not hard. @bozarthdustin87

Aren’t you supposed to wear a ring as well with the pump @steve19

Yes you are, pumps now come with different cock rings and the leaflet suggests you wear one when using the pump.
I was sent a pump by LH and it worked for me, I do not have erection problems so made sure I was in no way feeling sexual prior to using it, as soon as I did I had an erection.
Maybe try a less expensive one to start and if you find that it works for you then get a more expensive one.

A penis pump is practically used to enlarge the penis rather than a method to maintain erection, although some say wearing a cock ring after could help.
I would maybe try looking into different options if it’s erections that your aiming to achieve

@AJSTAR have you any recommendations re keeping an erection.

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Hmm I’ve not really dabbled much in this area but from personal play I’ve noticed for me when I use a prostate massager it’s given me a strong erection, so perhaps consider stimulating that area to see if it has any desired effects on you :nerd_face:

Thanks for the advice, something I had never considered but will look into. @AJSTAR

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And the nice thing about prostate massagers are they don’t have to be scary like some of the other types of anal toys.