Penis pump

Just ordered a penis pump. My penile confidence is low so thought I'd try one even though my partner tells me she loves me no matter what. Hope it's hit :)

This type of product needs time and regular use, so don't be put off, if you use it in the bath or shower full of water the effect is greater too. The results however start to go down once removed, can give you a fatter head which is nice but won't make it longer, you could also consider a sleeve and cock ring

Hello! I hope you enjoy it!

Quiet Ones is definitely correct. I always explain they're like going to the gym, the more you go the more you will see the results.

Good luck :)


If it is erectile unreliabablity you would be better seeing the GP and getting a few pills. GP advised not to get pump for this. Side effect of the pills is they can last well into next day!