penis pumps?

hey guys/gals i was wondering have any of you or your partners tried a penis pump. and if so did it work well? hope to get some replies soon xx

I'd also like to know whether work?

The "LUST BUSTER" pump @ Lovehoney at £22.99 gets some brilliant reviews ....but is out of stock....anyone used this from OA forum ...or staff members ??

damn ill check it when it gets back in stock. thanks anyways and come on people step up and tell us if they work? it would be a right giggle to play around with anyway >:)

There are 4 reviews on this item but the only name I know is "lovetherabbit" whose hubby as submitted an excellant review and another guy who claims he's used it for 5 years good service. Been out of stock for several weeks now.It's on "our" wish list anyway!!

lol its gonna be on mine when my wages come through! gr lol i hope it lives up to its reviews

Due in next week, according to a quick call to LoveHoney customer service...I've signed up for an alert so I get emailed as soon as it's in stock!

Yes, penis pumps do work :-)

Mainly they increase your girth rather than length. It's best to do some warm up first - soak a face flannel in very hot water and wrap it around your cock for five minutes. Then use a bit of lube and get pumping. Half an hour is about right, and dont pump too hard or you'll produce blood blisters.

If you get it right it feels great, increases your libido and keeps you toned and looking good! You tend to notice the biggest difference when limp - you hang significantly larger.

Also, guys can lose penis size naturally as they grow older - did you know that? A pump can help reverse that.

:O Bath bi guy your alive and not locked in a shed somewhere enjoying pleasures beyond tallyboys imaginings....anyhow CALL OFF THE SEARCH TALLY HUN!!

:O You can?// I never knew that... well its all gravey for me my man is huge :S so it cant hurt to loose a bit can it... but for guys who dont got any to loose will really find this pump usefull, we got one free from pabo but we binned it cos I threatend the cheese grater to lee if he used it :P

if your man has no prob getting it up what can a penis pump do for him??? will it make him bigger.??? thnx for your help

Like I said before.

ok what is the best one.???

the lust buster is back in stock everyone!! :) i havent been paid yet so if anyone gets one give a quick review!

Lust Busters are back in at Lovehoney! I've just ordered mine...

Here's the link:

Hope it's as good as they claim it is ?

A Guide 2Pumps

Okay people ive ordered a lust buster pump a few days ago.

Any advice on using this pump, hits tips etc etc. Just cant wait for it to turn up so i can give my better half even more pleasure lol

Rest assured i shall give it a full work out and give everyone the thumbs up regardless.

Brilliant guide and have plenty of aqau glide lube floating about somewhere or the missus will know where it is for her rabbit.

I always thought penis pumps as bit of a gimmick. I've seen far too much stuff saying they don't work, there was a lady using a similar contraption on her boobs, after 6 months they were no bigger. As soon as you stop & the swelling goes down it's back to normal (just like after a vigorous wank!). The doc said the only size alteration is for the trauma to the blood vessels & flesh which causies swelling as in a sprain, which is only temporary.

Also heaard a few horror stores of a bolock getting suckked in!!! ouch! I don't think I'd ver consider the op either. Big or small, pretty or ugly, he's my best friend & I'm loyal!

There's no evidence to show they increase size permanently. They can increase size quite significantly for a couple of hours which is why quite a few guys use them, though they do cause distortion so it isn't really what the average person is looking for, more of a fetish thing really. has a lot of good information on the subject with pictures showing the effects.