Penis Pumps

Hey everyone, just purchased my first penis pump and wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any tips/tricks to using them? I really only bought it for the fun of it and perhaps a bit of extra growth. Thank you in advance x

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Hi, just be careful when you first use it not to pump too much. I ended up with a bruised penis as I pumped too hard. I got great results but the effect was very short lived and did little to help with my ED problem.


As steve19 says don’t . You can end up with broken blood vessels and edemas in the skin.

Start by pumping only until you achieve your normal erect size. Initial sessions should be 30 to 40 minutes with a 5 minute break in the middle to allow normal circulation to resume. You can increase the time gradually and carefully increase the level of suction as you feel comfortable with the effects.

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Would have to disagree with @rockstar about length of time for a session - it should be less I think.

I bought a pump (one of the first toys I got from LH) many years ago when I was travelling a lot for a bit of fun while away and the instructions I seem to remember had a maximum time of something like 30mins with the pressure being released at regular intervals, not heard the 5 minute rule before.

I would say I found it a lot more enjoyable if already hard before starting and just gentle pumping to stimulate and then continuing after a pause. Must dig mine out from where ever it is to play with.

As said above (and in many previous threads), don’t over pump and don’t do long sessions, you will end up with something very swollen that looks a very strange colour.


Does being circumcised make a difference? I bought the Thrust one on a whim when it popped up in a sale. I’ve only used it a couple of times, but I found it hurt after about 30-40 seconds (if that). :slightly_smiling_face: Could this be a circumcision thing?

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I don’t think so, I am circumcised and was not effected in that way.

Interesting. :thinking: Maybe I should try it already erect like @Private_member suggests and see if that’s any more tolerable.

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Would suggest the reason for any pain was nothing to do with having your foreskin removed (unless it was recently) as per @steve19 comment. That would be be a strange conversation with a GP - “it hurts when I use a penis pump”.

I would imagine pumps give a better sensation with foreskin because it gets pulled back but that would be a very strange survey to try and get funding for.

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Plenty of lube on your old fella before you start, floppy is fine. Also plenty of lube around the seal at the base of the pump. I use the suction to suck my penis in and twist the pump from side to side to ensure no tight spots. It can be uncomfortable if a part of you catches on the sides as you expand, hence the well lubed John Thomas. A better seal is achieved if you shave, however an squeeze on the bulb of the pump from time to time easily compensates from any loss of vacuum. Go slow and ready the (slightly alarming) Lovehoney leaflet .

Have fun!


It was a couple of decades ago, so probably not. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll dig it out and have another pop using a few of these tips. It’s the automatic one, so there’s a solid chance I misunderstood the instructions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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DO NOT let your partner help an get carried away is my top tip here :joy: also lots of lube helps like has been said not played with mine in ages


I use mine 3 times a week for two 45 minute sessions with a 10 minute gap between sessions.

I’m in a chastity relationship so I’m in a cock cage most of the time. This can lead to shrinkage over time so I use the penis pump to produce the erections needed to combat this.

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Lube is a must when pumping. If it dries out, reapply as needed. Also make sure that the lube is compatible with the materials of the pump. Usually the base has a silicone ring/ seal - in this case you should only use water-based lubricants.

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to be honest iv used them and my partner has used them on me as abit of fun after tying me down to tease me. The results are not forever lasting but fun in the moment. Yaaay who don’t like having 10min of feeling like the holding a Pringles tube :joy: just never over pump you can get bruising and can get uncomfortable


Keep hold of your balls, sometimes they get pulled in. Not such a good feeling lol


just reading that bought a tear to my eye :slightly_frowning_face:

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‘Keep hold of your balls, sometimes they get pulled in. Not such a good feeling lol’

…and they go in a lot easier than they come out too.

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think im going to bin my pump now :thinking:

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@Kinky_Couple_12399 :arrow_up: this made me LOL

I’m sure glad my hubby has no interest in trying one!

I wish I did not have to try one but you will try anything in the hope things improve @Cupc8kes I wonder if the tablets could be used as I have not used nitrates for about 5 months now