Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are one of the few things I haven’t invested in so far.

I am curious about them, but are they really worth it?
What’s worth looking for In them?
Does anyone have any recommendations?

Just throw any information at me!

I have No worries about size, an increase in sensitivity would be beneficial though…


I’ve had fun with my Bathmate pump for years. I started using it due to needing to take medication that could prevent some blood flow … doctors suggestion. I don’t need it for that now … but now and then I use it in the shower.

It feels pretty cool, and leaves me hanging longer/thicker for an hour or so. I especially like using it just before sex with my OH as it makes the head of my penis swell more, which feels great going in and out.

Increased sensitivity? Hmm … I haven’t really found this. But, use the pump too long and/or too much suction power, and I actually lose sensitivity.

Bathmate is water based, so much safer.

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Best purchase ever for us, bought to try something different. When used with a cock made a real difference, like Lucas said leaves you girthy for a while. Mrs W found it a massive turn and got involved in the pumping.


Never heard anyone claim an increase in sensitivity, if anything exactly the opposite.

I’ve also heard bathmate is supposed to be a good one to invest in :smiley:

How long do you leave it on for,did you get a ring to work with it ok

They all come with instructions.
I have never used the waterbased ones but the air based ones generally recommend you don’t pump for too long (say 20mins) and also you release the pressure at regular intervals while pumping.
Think the ring is aimed more at ED but you will need a shave shaft and surrounding area for the seal.

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Buy a cheap one and try can be fun using it, one use can be that whilst its on you cant touch yourself so if others are pleasuring you like pegging or fisting you cant pleasure yourself at the same time

Unless you have erectile problems, they don’t really do much being honest. Yes they make your erection impressive, but release the air and it’s back to normal. I’d only consider one again if i was having problems down there, and even then I’d be using blue pills before investing in a pump

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What I found was they helped a lot with my tight foreskin.
As @Quiet_ones_are_worse said, just buy a cheap one and see if you like the feeling. I bought my first one just before I was going away on business for a long trip and enjoyed using it, perfectly possible to orgasm hands free.
As for ED, I think they would be useless but others will have more experience in that area.
I guess the main thing is don’t over pump, don’t pump for to long and if you don’t enjoy it don’t do it.
There have been lots of threads in the past about this.

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Usually pump over a 30 minute period, releasing, pumping at regular intervals. I will increase pressure and duration each interval.
A ring will help you keep the results longer (I use one if we are going to have sex following pumping), if I am pumping for self pleasure I don’t bother

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What sort of ring do you use,is it put on before or after.

The biggest differences between a pump vs pills is no side effects from the pump and less time waiting for the pill to take effect.

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Not really correct, there are plenty of stated side affects from all of the ED pills with the added risks if blood pressure is a concern which is why you go to a doctor to have a chat before being prescribed them.

My opinion is if someone has ED, go and chat with your GP.

I used a bathmate with some decent results, but it was a lot of effort, I did a diary on here, can’t remember the name, I’m sure someone else will remember it, I gave an honest long running review

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