Penis Size Discussions

Me and my friends sort of talked about this a while back. I’m 9 inches when erect


There’s a sex survey current that among other things asks about size and how men and women view its importance.
Link. AHP Research form 1 . Sexual preferences.

My wife is honest with her few friends that she does talk about sex with. She tells them that we have great sex and when I use a toy over 6.5 inches she tells me not so deep. It is not a frequent conversation but if her friends have a new lover it normally is a conversation. Most of her friends current lovers are bigger than me, but not a lot bigger. At least I am not my wife smallest lover. Not much I can do, but I use what I got with a great tongue to always bring her to orgasm.


I’ve usually discussed with two cloest female friends, usually just a laugh about if a new fella had a big one.


What does your other half say about that? Does he mind them knowing?

We got talking to a couple on a nudist beach last summer. The other lady commented on the size of my husband who is a show’er. Her husband was a grow’er. There was at least 5cm difference in length.

She asked me how big he was when erect I told her he is over 18cm. She said “her guy only grew to a disappointing 10cm”

I think that she wanted a bigger man. It did make me a bit uneasy the way she kept staring at my man’s crotch at every opportunity.


You shouldn’t have felt uneasy, but feel satisfied that you have a man who packs a punch that other women are jealous of.


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Don’t believe anything Americans say

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Thats a pretty broad statement to make about a whole country of people.
There are people from all over the world on this forum, xenophobic comments aren’t acceptable.

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Not a country :+1:

Aw bless, of course it is :rofl:

Do we have an agent provocateur in our midst?

I’m having a laugh, I’m only messing about :+1:

If one of you runs across a guy who is small, do you let your friends know so they can avoid him?

Mines 5,5 but not about size it’s what you can do with it


Mines about the same. Honestly never had any complaints and all the woman I got with always wanted more from me. I’ve always been into pleasing the woman first and taking my time. But honestly they have always really enjoyed it.

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