Penis size

@Oldman I adore you.
Definitely agree with the above. We are all different shapes and sizes.

I really don’t like the feeling of a monster :eggplant: they just aren’t for me.


Best part of being old is most of us just do not care what others think . In todays world we tend to get in trouble for saying the truth . Thank you for the compliment . :heart:


Its a good way to be i learnt at a young age not to care what anyone thinks things like penis size is what it is you cant change it so you may as well be comfertable and happy with it


We’re in France on holidays and most pools here enforce speedo only type swimsuits.

We’re here with friends and my wife has told me that my trunks show everything off. She says she’s embarrassed for me as my dick is so small.

When I get out of the pool I have some severe shrinkage, there’s only an inch or so normally.

I’m pretty much accepting of my size and realise there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’ve thought about getting it out in the open, so to speak. Something like when I get out of the pool, saying the water is cold as you can tell and looking down.

Any thoughts from anyone?

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I was once at water park with my cousin and his wife. She pointed out to me, wow your penis is really small she told me. I said it was cold water and there was shrinkage. She told me her 5 year old son was bigger than me and I would be lucky to ever satisfy a women with a wanker so small. There were a few girls who heard that and laughed at the comment and looked at my shorts. That was embarrassing to be told that and to be laughed at. I did notice that my cousin in the water was like two or three times bigger than me. So she was used to have a bigger penis. Because of that experience before getting out of the water I am already pulling my shorts so they do not stick to my leg and my penis is not so obvious how small It is. I feel your pain.

@Small_Bobby its not the quantity, it’s the quality! I’ve had bigger guys that just didnt hit the spot and a smaller guy that was amazing. Don’t put yourself down


Thank you for the encouragement. I was just sharing an experience of being pointed out that I didn’t measure up to other guys from a size queen woman. Happily married with a women who is fine with my size. I still wish I had more, but I have accepted my size as adequate.

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She sounds like a properly horrible human. Imagine someone doing the same thing with the genders reversed, it would be absolutely slaughtered for being so sexist and offensive. She should be utterly ashamed of her behaviour.


Ancient romans considered large penises grotesque ugly or even comical. So dont be judged by shallow minded individuals how cant appreciate natures beauty in all of us . Good things certainly do cum, ooops, come in small packages. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


She was a rough person to get along with at times. We were not too upset when my cousin and her broke up. She should have been ashamed of herself. It is in the past, but unfortunately not completely forgotten.

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I agree with everyone on here that penis size does not matter, it’s how you use it, but your size sounds perfectly great, I’m 6 inches erect so average too!

One thing I would recommend is using dildos with your partner in sex because:

a) It gives them the fun of inserting lots of different sizes inside them

b) You can still 100% be a part of the intimacy, whether that’s you holding the dildo or even just kissing them while they use it

And they’ll always want to play with your penis again so it’s a win-win and opens up lots of fun intimacy for both of you! :grinning:


I totally agree with using dildos. It definitely gives that extra depth she wants on occasion and still be intiment.


25 male Leeds 7.5inches love older women in heels

Well the first couple of posts in this thread answered a question I’d had for a long time… “how do guys really measure it?” Because some pics on the internet look really huge, and other guys grow instead of show. And pictures are deceiving.

I’m not sure how big most girls (or guys) actually want it., but I can confirm that fit is everything! With my husband, vaginal sex is painful. MY issue, not his. I wasn’t properly formed as a girl (intersex.) But with anal he’s the perfect fit and angle. Hits my pleasure spots, and at the end when its time to push full-depth and cum…just the right little twinge of “ouch.”


There was a friend in high school who was more than just well endowed . In todays atmosphere he could probably get disabled parking permit . On the other hand he could enter into a three legged race by himself . I would guess he was in danger of passing out if he ever got an erection .