Penis too sensitive for oral

The OH's head is so sensitive to oral that it's just painful, he doesn't really say what he does like

He's just said the tip doesn't feel good & doesn't like too much being done with the foreskin

I really want to pleasure him but finding it hard when he shows no signs of what he likes no noises nothing!

Anyone here who's boyfriends the same? What do I do?

I understand what he means I'm male

i suppose it's like the clitoris being too sensitive to touch?

get some lube on him and let him play for you then slowly start to do oral on him whilst he has lots of lube

Normally its just under the head around that area thats mega sensitive, after he cums if you play with his head he wont be able to take it its so sensitve its the same as the clit after climax. You could maybe try touching him first to get him used to the sensations then go down on hims sounds weird but you could be too gentle which is stimulting the nerve endings, try sucking harder or deeper.

men are notoriously difficult at making them voice what they like

communication is key

You could try some sort of desensitizing spray or cream - usually they are used to delay climax by reducing sensation, but they might make oral more tolerable for him.

Not many of them however are suitable for use during oral - so perhaps combined with some flavoured condoms?

I've only ever been with my OH, is it the majority of penis' that are sensitive if the foreskin is pulled too* low?

Or is it him haha

Thanks and yeah I can understand cause I know how sensitivity can hurt

We usually do oral before sex but I think you could be right with trying harder! Thanks

I wouldnt think I would hurt are you hitting him with teeth? He might be too polite to say :)

That's a good point- when we first started doing oral we used flavoured condoms and he didn't have the problem then. Might try this again!

We do have some delay spray from LH this could be needed for oral then.


Men don't moan like women do, it's taken me a lot of time to get the OH to tell me what he likes, there's loads of things to can do without stimulating the head, use a vibrator along the shaft for example. Ask him what his favourite thing you do for him is, do something and say "you like that? ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)" don't push it too much just gently try to ween him out of his shell, try to learn to pick up on his tiny signals, legs tensing, closing his eyes small stuff like that

Using condoms is a great idea as it takes away some sensation and if you are scraping your teeth accidently it will take smooth that out

Pretty sure it's not that... The pain or discomfort whatever it was occurred when it was my tongue, no teeth about haha

I think I'll try delay spray to help with the sensitivity

JT2610 wrote:

Pretty sure it's not that... The pain or discomfort whatever it was occurred when it was my tongue, no teeth about haha

I think I'll try delay spray to help with the sensitivity

Yea worth a try, I find it to effective and I could hit my penis with a hammer its so numb haha

Have u asked him .. I find males don't tend to make much noise. ?.. I no when my bfs getting close coz he closes his eye n his body starts to twitch lol

I am uncut and the feeling of oral when my foreskin is pulled down and the head of my penis is uncovered is very uncomfortable for me

I asked my OH to use her hand at the same time to make sure my foreskin is always moving and it has helped loads not sure if that will help you guys as he said he didn't like his foreskin played with just what helped me

Best way is to just ask him, only he knows how it feels.

I wouldn't recommend using delay spray for oral sex...I mean, you can do....but it tastes absolutely foul and it WILL numb your tongue, lips and throat, which feels wrong lol. I've tried it, can't say I would again. I guess in combination with a condom barrier, it would work fine, but if the condom works fine without the spray then why bother with the spray?

It is definitely possible for a man to be too sensitive, just like us women. I can't bear for my clitoris to be exposed and touched/licked. I prefer an "around the houses" (or down the sides) kind of approach.

In saying that though, a very gentle, slippery touch can often be okay. Maybe try a night of experimenting, with different kinds of oral, just extremely gentle, barely there to firmer. Slower and faster...or even avoiding the head and just licking and kissing up the shaft. Of course, it might be that your man just cannot stand it and prefers it not to be done. Contrary to popular belief, not all men enjoy oral sex. One of my exes would not even let me go there, despite wanting to and at 30, he had had enough experiences to know that nothing worked and he just did not like it at all. I understand your frustration, as a fan of oral (giving and receiving) but he knows his body best.

I have the same thing with my BF, I was beginning to wonder if it was just me! He doesn't seem to enjoy oral very much (and can count on one hand the number of times he's come from it, missing most of the fingers). It seems to be worst (wince inducing) when it's at the back of my throat, where it's rougher, so I think it is just friction. He doesn't get very wet either and saliva makes quite thin lube (think how dry shower sex can be) so my plan is flavoured lube, and maybe trying the doc johnson good head stroker so that I can just use my tongue and lips to be more gentle on the head without losing shaft stimulation. If that doesn't help, I'll consider flavoured condoms and if THAT doesn't.... I'm giving up. There's plenty of things he does enjoy, no point in wasting time on things he doesn't. It's just a shame because I actually like giving him oral, which is a first for me!