Peoples expressions when having an orgasm

Recently over the passed few months our sex life with my OH has really improved.

Over the years when having sex we have had to keep it quite or we will wake the kids which wasn’t a great help when having sex.
Things have changed for the better, the kids are back in school after covid lockdown and i am not doing night shift as much anymore we have had a free house to get under the sheets a bit more.

Ive noticed myself being more vocal now and when its the point of orgasm its a great feeling to let out an expression like a aggghhhh or something similar.

Ive noticed my OH is getting more vocal when orgasm with things like say " just there or im coming" which is a big turn on for me. And leads me to feel more confident now in the bedroom …

Was wondering what other expressions are and what does and doesn’t turn you on…


My wife has always been a quiet lover even when at the point of orgasm although she is much more vocal when she squirts. No words though. Just wonderful moans and grunts.

I used to be quiet too but since our relationship changed and my orgasms are strictly controlled to one every 4 to 6 weeks they are much more intense and I find myself uttering phrases concerning deities and assorted profanities.

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The one time I saw someone orgasm I couldn’t help but burst out giggling :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think if I watched my face when I orgasm I’d never be able to have any more!

I get very breathy and start panting and the moans get increasingly higher in pitch. Then there are others that the moans are deeper and some where they’re so good that I am quiet and still.
Quiet and still usually come from the suction toy when I’m alone, moaning and panting would be when I’m with a partner and its fast and furious. Sometimes theres an oh god/fuck/baby.

I’m sure my face looks ridiculous while all this is happening :rofl:


I’d hate to think how my face looks at point of orgasm :see_no_evil::joy:. Noise-wise i have gotten more noisy. Mostly groans. Depending on the type of orgasm they either go higher in pitch, or become low. Often there are oohs in there too.

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From guy point of view I have always been pretty silent during sex …. Is anyone else like that ? I have started to make little noise as I’ve got older.

Wife point of view has always been the same and makes noises but nothing OTT and not a fan of grunting guys.

Not sure if it’s a embarrassed thing for me making noise now after so long , but wonder if it subdues orgasm because not breathing :face_exhaling: etc etc but I’m just not a grunter :joy: or have the many faces !

Into yoga / and googled tantric etc and it’s very focused on letting out etc


Our sex life has always been good, a couple of times a week. But just the bog standard missionary position, a bit of foreplay but not a lot. I didn’t have that much confidence in the bed, due to my size and past relationships.
When we had sex I did groan and moan but nothing excessive, hubby was silent never made a noise, his breathing changed but that’s it.

Skip to the beginning of last year when we stumbled upon LH :grin: literally the best thing ever.
We started off with light bondage, and over time it’s increased dramatically, as well as toys, lingerie and role playing.
Now I’m more vocal, can be loud when I can :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.
Depending on the position I’m in, when I orgasm I will grab him and tell him, dig my nails in him. Or I grab the pillow, or the quilt and I’ll tell him. There’ll be ‘oh my god/hubby/baby/fuck’

With hubby, he’s actually vocal now. He’ll groan and started dirty talking now, which is such a turn on for me too. And foreplay has been dramatically improved, he’s never had so many bjs.


We are both very vocal, and we have 4 children in the house luckily they are all heavy sleepers including the baby, who’s currently poorly :face_with_thermometer:, so we haven’t come across this issue, but for us both just demanding each other what to do and like you say don’t stop or keep going is a real turn on for us both, she likes to stop when I’m almost there and maybe just kiss and then go back to it, just to tease me but I love it, to be honest our neighbours can hear us :man_facepalming:t3: some times but they wasn’t mad about it lol :joy: I don’t think anyway haha!

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Always tell herself when I’m gunna cum. She doesn’t say but know when she is by the at she Moses…Love having eye contact when we do.


I’ll tell my wife when I’m about to cum if she’s giving me a BJ as she doesn’t like it in her face, but other than that am very quiet. Just concentrating I suppose. :drooling_face:


I suspect everyone’s o face is just ridiculous. I personally love hearing a guy groan and moan, it’s such a turn on knowing that it’s you that’s got them like that. Silent lovers give no audio cues as to if its good or not.
me personally, depending on position and intensity, can whimper, moan or out and out yell, as happened yesterday!


I find that when she’s masturbating and I’m watching I get really turned on and it’s often my moans and groans which tip her over the edge.

It works it reverse too. When I’m edging myself but not allowed to orgasm she starts to make sounds which she knows will make me come and I have to fight hard to hold back.

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I generally swear when im about to orgasm, just happens :woman_shrugging:, husband will either quietly grunt or swear, we aren’t very vocal, we cant be too noisy as we have 4 kids and the walls are paper thin so much so I can hear the bloke next door snoring most nights.

Hubby to be is very quiet, he will let out a sign when he first enters then a bit of heavy breathing before he orgasms. Im totally the opposite, I moan as soon as he touches me, just before orgasm I go quiet then, depending on the strength ill let out a moan or a really loud moan where he has to put his hand over my mouth so not to be heard. Id love him to be more vocal so I could tell what he likes/loves but he says he loves it all. …xx


I’ve seen my cum face once.

Don’t want to see it again thank you very much

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If you google 'Beautiful Agony ’ you will find videos which are simply complilations of womens faces as they orgasm. Its really beautiful. I haven’t found a male equivalent yet.


My hubby always bares his teeth when he comes, always makes me think of him as a bit wild

All I know is a close my eyes when I cum and my whole body tenses for a few seconds and then I normally let out a loud moan as I cum. OH normally grits his teeth and but recently he has started moaning when he cums as well.

I had a look at those last night, its such an erotic thing to watch, good shout!

Since me and the OH can’t get enough of finishing doggie at the moment neither of us gets to see orgasm face. Maybe next time he cums I’ll whip my head around and try watch lol