Personalised knickers

I local woman I know does embroidery on items and I have asked her does she do knickers - yes

I’m looking at buying 2 pairs for my husband and 2 pairs for me where I can choose what’s on front or back

I’m looking for inspiration

So far I like the following

Any hole for rent

Mind the gap

Spanking hard

Any ideas :lovehoney_heart:

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Wet, but in a good way.!!

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May contain nuts.


dirty owner…clean knickers

Remove all packaging before use.

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All you can eat.


:thinking: ….

  •          TGIF 
    (Tounge goes in first!)

-If you can read this you’re probably going to get laid!

  • I lost my virginity…. But still have the box it came in!
    -it’s not going to lick/spank itself
    -slippery when wet
    -you’ve got this far you may as well cum inside!

I have already got a pair saying slippery when wet - but love the others :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What a great idea @batjamboree and I love some of the suggestion already given.
Insert and pump hard
Please use either hole
Lubricate well before use

Needs lubricating
This beaver may bite
Over groem bush needs attention

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My Mistress has gifted me with some she had embroidered which are
“Sissy-(then my name)”
“Cock Sucking Sissy”
“(Wifes name) Sissy Maid”
Not too original i know but Mistress enjoys displaying them on the washing line or leaving them on the top of the washing basket occasionally when friends viisit.Due to the size difference in the pair of us it is obvious to whom they belong.So far i don’t think anyone has clocked them or if they have they have hidden the fact well and said nothing.She enjoys my “discomfort” at these times of possible discovery and it always leads to a good hard session after our guests have left.

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Hole load of fun?

Whatever you choose I’m sure this lady will have a whale of a time embroidering them :joy:

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I have a few pairs - sissy , bitch boy, and my favourite- cum dumpster

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