Photos - eep

So, as part of my 'love yourself no matter what' mission, I've taken a few more photos. Just had a major upload of them all, just waiting for them to be approved.


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Thanks you :) They're up and the world hasn't ended. Funny that!

Amazing photos Miss K :D

lovely pics Naughy

Gorgeous pics Naughty MK :D xx

They are lovely Naughty MK! Xx

Beautiful photos, I especially love the one you are currently using as your avatar. Very nice posing (and shoes)! :)

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Awww you guys! I'm speachless!

I come back from a day in the lab, on my own, feeling very unsexy in my mans lab coat that doesn't actujally do up, and...this!

Considering I've been so quiet on here recently I feel so loved <3

ShinySparkle wrote:

My work uniform is frumpy and horrible. I feel like a stick in a sack!! And when I'm not wearing uniform, the girls I work with are like "oh, you have a figure?" LOL!! Work uniform is definitely NOT sexy!! Lol!!

I loves them shooooes!!!

I have the choice of a lab coat that doesn't hang so huge everywhere else is gets in the way, but does up, or wear one that fits in the arms etc but I can't do up cause of hips and boobs! It's a pain.

I have two pairs, a 6 and a 7, hoping one size would fit. But oen is too big and one painfull small on my toes (I have quite wide feet) so I think I'm going to have to send them back and try a different style :( But for people with normal feet, buy them!! I love them so much (apart from the pain!)

They're all beautiful photos :) I like the one where you can see the bottom of your face and your shoes in the background, it's different :)

I'm too shy to upload any lol x

I'd just like to say you look great in your photo's, well done :)

Thank you! :D Cupcakes you shoudl try, it's given me such a nice warm buzzy feeling :)

I thought I posted a comment about nipples and nipple clamps, but can't see it. Now in a dilemma of did I actually click post or has it been removed. We can mention photos of nipples just not post them, right?

Amazing Photos Miss K!!!

You look great :)

Nice pics!

great pics...

Blimey - thank you!! :D

you are so damn sexy you have a very nice body

Just checked out your uploads and..... wow!!!!

Looking fabulous Naughty MK.

It's like the gift that keeps on giving, really guys the support and lack of negative comments is amazing!! :D