Picking Sex toy testers.. random ? Or favorates ?

Been seeing the same people being chosen for their review on toys and bondage. Is it random or do they have favorates.
How many products do you need to buy ?
How many reviews before being chosen?
How active do you need to be on forums ?

This is not a rant just gathering info... X

It's a bit of both i think. If someone writes reviews well then i think thank helps. However i think a lot of it is luck and keeping your wish list up to date. You may see the same name popping up over and over again because they have been here for years.

Have a little read of this thread.


All the details you need are here: 


Is it random or do they have favourites? The answer is neither. Out of all the thousands of people that sign up via the tester list, only a few hundred keep their tester list up to date. So this has a HUGE impact. 

Hope the above link helps :) 

Thanks guys... I do like to see what's new on the block. I have updated my wishlist on things that i want and need..
I have a couple orders to test so will add my review once i have given them a good go.. Thanks again for the info guys x

Agree with all the above. I usually update my reviews for products I've bought pretty quickly and talk about all areas of the product. I'm always completely honest with mine. A lot of my reviews are positive, but some products weren't for me but I haven't slated them as the product overall was good, it just didn't suit me.

Gruff sounds - I couldn't see you had any public wishlists? You have to keep your 'sex toy testers' wishlist up to date with the products that are in the sex toy tester section and not with products that you 'want' or 'need'. I got caught out with this for a while!

Just keep submitting reviews and hopefully you'll get lucky one day :)

It seems to have a lot to do with your purchase history as well, you are far more likely to be selected for types of toys you have a history of purchasing and reviewing, obviously the experience is valuable when it comes to reviewing. So even if you’ve purchased lots of toys and fancy the new one on the tester list, if you haven’t purchased and displayed a good level of knowledge of that specific item before then it seems likely they will go with someone that has.

I noticed I had my wishlist on only me. Oops!!!!!
Il keep my wishlist up-to-date thanks guys x