Pictures of sex positions but fun tasteful ?

Me and my OH like sending each other saucy messages and instead of saying i want to bend you over the table and take you from behind i try to find emoji pictures and try to put them together to say what i want to do to her or me, Its quite hard as you imagine to get it to look right, It would be nice to find some tasteful way to do this porn pics is to crude for saucy images. Any ideas of sites that have them ?

Hey teacake, we all love a dirty emoji session ha! But we tend to be more into sexting than images. When we do send photos which are not of ourselves we will use porn but tend to use an app to remove parts of the image and just leave certain parts, also make it black and white because everything looks sexier in that filter.

What are you looking for in particular? Real life stick images of people or cartoon/art images?

Yes we do sexting but also we like to write long special emails so it would be more appropiate to add pictures not to big that it fills a big space just so we can see what we are talking about. See with sexting you could also add some small pictures in.

Using black and white would look better especially if it was porn pictures, stick images is ok but cartoon art would be alot better to have.

Oral Positions as well as Sex positions.

We also love to write emails during the day, it's amazing how you can get so carried away and sometimes end up writing an essay sex story. So emojis are great for this, I would suggest maybe look at some sexy vector art which sounds weird but you can get some really clean illustrations to add to your emails and message sessions.

Another suggestion would be to search for "intimacy" & "love making" rather than anything explicit as this is usually really toned down but still quite erotic. You can always try sending Gifs too! I don't really know any specific websites but google images, tumblr and other image based social sites are great for this sort of thing. You can also find sexting emoji dictionaries online which show a list of emojis you can string together ha

Type erotic sex gifs into google, copy URL and paste, sorted, provided you're online of course.
The erotic sex gifs are so hot, most of them are more intimate than porny if you know what I mean. Even the passionate kissing ones to get you started and progress from there.

Gifs are good but not pratical for what i want to do. Thanks as its a good idea for some fun in another way.

Look up Flirtmoji - erotic emojis - a bit of fun!

The pics from this site would be great if not for the watermarks.... Still good reference material

Those pictures from sexifo looks great but as you say its a shame its watermarked.

Flirtmoji will be no good as we use our phones to write emails. good idea though.