Has anyone got genital piercings? And does it have any advantages while having sex

You want to hear from the guys with Prince Alberts and frenum piercings. I have a guiche which is kind of below the genitals. You will get a wide range of feedback on this one for sure even if it’s been discussed multiple time already.

In all honesty don’t much about male piercing but interested in getting one but just wondered if it has any advantages to be fair

Ok… seeing where you are coming from here. Advantages? Not really. It has to be a personal interest in (decorating?) your body. You need to have an interest in having jewelry attached to this bit or that bit. The way I approached it was I waited two years thinking about any piercing. Was I interested after a few drinks? Was I interested when aroused? Was I interested when doing laundry? Was I interested while driving to work? If it was a full time interest, get the piercing done. If it’s part time… keep thinking about it. BTW… it hurts so so make a committed decision if you go ahead with it.

My boyfriend got himself a PA piercing last year after thinking about it for about a year before that. He decided he wanted to get pierced down there and I was very happy and supportive of this and think it looks very nice. He has a 2g (6mm) ring in it currently, I can feel it a little and it definitely adds something, but it is mainly for the look and his enjoyment.

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Ive got a 12mm thick ring in my pa, got later in life my only piercing, i like the feeling when playing with myself my wife doesnt have any issue with it bar she cant give me oral unless i take it out, big heavy metal ring against teeth not good.
Id wanted a reverse pa but chickened out and went standard i wish i gone reverse just for the look.

As @be3169 has already said, have a think about it over a period of time.

The good thing is (unlike tattoos), if you don’t like it you can take it out and the body will repair .

I love the feeling of my frenum piercing when erect but would take it out for oral.

I find the guiche piercing stimulating when sitting but clearly does nothing to stimulate the partner, have tried a pubic piecing a few times but my body doesn’t like it so have given up on that.

Piercings on the scrotum are just cosmetic and up to you if you like the look.

Just don’t get anything done under the influence of alcohol (any decent place wouldn’t let you), and have a think about it :slight_smile:

I have a clit hood piercing.

It’s a small silver ring which looks great when my pubes are removed.

The benefit of this piercing apart from how it looks is that being close to my clit it can arouse me if I play with it.

Kind of a personal question but, how long did you have to abstain from sex after the piercing was done?

A minimum of a month, even then id be really gentle, they do heal quite quickly ask the piercing place for advice, they should give you a care sheet or link to after care

Healing time really depends on the person (IMO) and some sites suggest returning to the piercer for the all clear.

Others suggest using a condom for some months after to stop exchanging fluids that might cause infection.

Personally, if it is still sore I wouldn’t try it.

Not a piercing location that appeals to me personally but I totally get the interest. I was just kind of curious given the location as to how much longer one had to wait. Appreciate the replies.

It was just over 3 weeks before we had sex with it in, which is a bit less than recommended but he said it felt ok and we took it steady. He managed 2 weeks without a wank before he said he couldn’t wait any longer to cum :rofl: