Pilates & vagina tone

When my wife goes to pilates regularly it has a very noticeable impact on her pelvic floor. These days when she's really turned on her grip on my cock is almost too much (not complaining!). Has anyone else noticed pilates has a similar effect?

Haven't heard of that, but definately makes me want to start doing pilates! :D

You don't need to go to Pilates specifically. I'm sure all girls know how to target and tone your pelvic floor very easily by squeezing the muscles that stop your urine flow. I usualy do a squeeze and hold for 10 seconds,10 times for a set, 10 repetitions a day. My Hubby often complains because if I come really hard I can force his cock straight out and he says it hurts.
At least I won't lose control of my bladder when I get old :-)

No kidding it hurts!!! Funny though, the Kegels she did after being pregnant didn't have the same effect, yet pilates once a week is noticeable after just a couple of sessions. Definitely recommend it, wonder if it would have any effect on me? I suppose an hour with a bunch of well-leotarded women has its intrinsic rewards anyway.

hi yeah i do the same women unlike men can stop mid flow lol i do it regulary i go for a wee stop and hold for 10 seconds and start for 5 then stop and hold for 15 it works wonders lol

I do pilates and have never had this effect!!

it depends on what parts of the body your working on, if you're concentrating on the lower abdomen and thighs, exercises for this region generally have an affect on the pelvic floor, most of these exercises you will find will be performed whilst sitting or laying on the floor.
Other ways to tighten up are to clench your pelvic floor muscles for 10secs, release and repeat 20 times.. then when you're ready increase that hold to 20secs.