Pill Question!

Ive been on Cerazette for a about 4 months now and I recon its making me a bit dry down there is anyone else getting this?

Oh and hi im new to the forum !

I'm afriad i cant help with the pill question...

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ah ok thanks anyway

I'm sure there'll be someone around here who'll be able to answer your question :)

Sorry I'm not on the pill either, but Welcome to the forums

Cerazette is a progesterone only contraceptive, vaginal dryness is one of the disadvantages, as is loss of libido. You should have had a review with your dr or clinic, at 3months it may be worth looking at the pros and cons of this method, and considering an alternative.

hmm thanks, think i will change it as finding the lube everytime me and my OH have sex is annoying!


im on the same pill as u and i dont find i have any trouble with dryness ect but like everyone said its probly best to talk to ur gp about it. i know it took my body about a year to get used to this pill but ive not been on it for 2 years and i hardly have any problems with it.

heres a few links to other threads about cerazette and other pills




We can all have "dry" days, I'm normally a bit dry for a couple of days after I finish a period - does it just take a little time for you to get wet or is it not happening at all? You can buy vaginal moisturiser from boots, replens I think.

I have just bought some vielle stimulating gel and although it's only meant to increase clitoral sensitivity, I've found that after a couple of minutes of rubbing it in, even with no sexual activity at all, I am getting very wet indeed - just from one drop rubbed in around my clitoral hood. I got a very warm flooding feeling and my underwear was actually wet. It's not even a lubricant either, perhaps I'm just weird?

I've tried it twice now just to see if it had the same effect and it did, I haven't even tried it for actual sex yet!

Someone else defineitly mentioned in one of teh threads diamonds mentions about dryness. I was on it and lost my sex drive but not dryness. I'm on Katya now and still ahve no sex drive so that's it! I'm off the bloody pill!

hey, welcome, and yes i believe it does make you dryer and decrease sex drive, bad times! xx

i just read over it and it reminds me of 1 of those automatic computers, o dear...

I thought I would mention that my vielle gel worked wonders on me - in the short time it took my hubby to get undressed and into bed, the gel had warmed me up nicely and I was soaking wet before he even touched me! I was giving him some oral attention and decided to turn around so he could play with me too, the first thing he said was " god, you're really wet". This was the day after finishing my period when lube is normally required. When I climbed on top of him , I was very hot and very wet indeed - he came fairly quickly as I'd already taken him to the edge orally and I came very shortly afterwards, a nice blended orgasm that is quite rare for me - when I climbed off him he was really soaking wet. It really got my juices flowing!

wow lady lara that's good

Jings, its so long ago that I came off the pill (1995) and got sterilised I cant rememeber any of the side effects at all....is memory loss 14 years late a side effect ?

It was very nice and I look forward to testing it again in a couple of hours when hubby gets home from work - purely for research purposes you understand, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

He was very impressed that I came so quickly, it's been taking me ages lately. I'm seriously thinking about getting some g-spot gel now as my g-spot orgasms are nice but not really powerful like clitoral ones.

Mmmm, I'm all tingly just thinking about how nice it was.

I'm on that pill my OH has mentioned i can be 'drier' when i'm on my rare periods taking it but otherwise i don't have any problem with it