Please help !vibrators that require c or d batteries

Can anyone tell me any vibreators that require c or d batteries please. I loved the original jack rabbit vibrator but fancied something new but still with power

What sort of vibrator are you looking for? Another rabbit or just any other vibrator which takes those batteries? This ( takes a C battery. Not sure about rabbit vibrators, I think most of them are AA or AAA batteries, or rechargable.

Not many toys are made with those types of batteries anymore. The Silencer is one of the only ones I can think of. Strong toys are generally rechargeable these days, although there are a few powerful options that take double a batteries such as this one - and this one

The delivery of power from AA and AAA batteries in sex toys has come a long long way in the past 2 years, let alone since the original rabbit. It miht be worth investigating alternatives, and perhaps rechargables too...?

I personally dont find many toys that require bigger batteries now, and neither do i find them anymore powerful than others.

If your looking for powerful i would definatley reccomend investing in a mains powered wand and purchasing an attachement if you wish to use it for internal use -


If you want power there are plenty of toys that run off AA's i don't think you'll find a more powerful battery operated toy than the large Motorhead bullets, long gone are the days when you'd buy a large chunky vibrator that only took C or D sized batteries

Tthere are many powerful vibrators out there that don't especially need bigger batteries but you might wanna invest in rechargable ones. They tend to be more powerful and worth the investment as you won't have to buy batteries each time.

Though if you're specifically looking for them then I agree on the silencer and there's this too

The Tracey Cox supersex power vibrator takes 2 C batteries and i find it to be really powerful, rumbly not buzzy.