Please yourself why don't you!!

Sorry it's kinda a rant.
Twice in last few days we have had well plain sex lol.
No extras, no toys, nothing.
And that's fine. But unless there's something else involved I cannot climax during sex!
So several times he's finished and I'm lying there not finished and very frustrated!!
Last night I ended up finishing myself off very quickly while he went to the loo or I figured id be up for ages unable to sleep!!
Grrrrr men!!

Nothing wrong with how you are feeling. Have words I think. At a minimum it's rude and worst inconsiderate.

Make game of it tell him he can't have his way until you've been taken care of.

My ex was like this I hated sex he had no idea he just prodded and poked in the end I just said "don't finger me any more, there's the ky get on with it" Tell or show him, that's is bloody selfish.

You need to speak to him. If you say nothing he will think it's ok to do that and keep pleasing himself and not you.

Very selfish of him.

Sometime men can get quite lazy with this sort of thing, if he does it a few times and nothings said he'll assume that its okay to carry on like that. You need to nip this in the bud before it becomes a long term thing. Next time when you start having sex gently take his hand and put it where you want it, talk to him, tell him that you need more in order for you to get satisfaction. If you don't say anything he'll think everythings okay but its not fair that you are left wanting.

Thanks guys and girls.
Yeah I need to make it clear to him I hve needs too.

I love gentle giants idea. Turning it into a game makes it more fun for both of you, hes desperate to satisfy you so he can be satisfied. Also it makes the whole conversation about thr situation a little less tense xx

Setting aside the partner problem.
Your climaxing issue may be down to hormones and such, it happens to me a lot due to medications

Sometimes one of us isn't going to climax. We make an on the spot request to be satisfied the next day, it is a friendly and playful way of bringing attention to our needs without making a complaint. Complaints can lead to bad feelings and bad feelings lead to less orgasms.

An ex of mine was very selfish like that, his foreplay was," so are you going to jump on my junk"!! I kid you not. I have never been so frigging bored in all my life. The mere talk of toys I was deemed a pervert. All this from a man who supposedly had bedded a fair few women!! Goodness knows what they must have thought of the performance. I would talk to you partner/husband and pull him up on it, he may have just had an off couple of nights. Men some times if they don't realise there is a problem they will just carry on thinking that everything is fine. I would deffo have a word

I climax fine during clit stimulation or anal play.
But not just with plain sex alone.
Sometimes we have mind blowing sex.
Sometimes it's um

Have you been reading my mind??
This is exactly what my partner can be like, I just have to gently remind him the toys are there and if he doesn't get the hint from that - depending on my general mood the result will be somewhere between; continuing and ask the next morning if its my turn yet, to switching from sex to hand job and then I go to sleep without saying goodnight. Or, stop and tell him he's an uncaring moron and he's not getting anything till he sorts his attitude out lol

Bless you
It's awkward isn't it lol

It's my Mrs. that isn't in to toys and such, though we do occasionally use a dildo or vibrator. I'm quite attentive with foreplay but at my age and with the various medical issues I've had or are having, I need some fairly direct stimulation or I won't rise to the occasion. So the foreplay needs to be two-sided or I spoend ages getting her ready and then can't perform.

I'm not particularly interested in my orgasm during sex - I can have a wank whenever I want - but I do want my partner to hsve a good orgasm or three. I'm happy to use whatever I need to do that. Nice if I come too, but not essential. Does thst make me a 'new man'?

I think that makes you a very considerate man :)

That makes you a man that every woman would like ;)

Its all about consideration. Some of the men who can last long might only think about themselves making them a bad lover. One of my lady friend was in such a relationship for 8 years where her husband would have sex and turn around and go to sleep and in the end she ended up leaving him. On the other hand you might find men who cant last as long(me lol) but they would find ways to satisfy there woman.

Just like women say that its not about the size, its about how you use it. Its not about how long you can last, its whether you can make your partner orgasm is the main aim. There are alot of prays and solutions which can turn a man into a pornstar. Have you suggested a delay lotion to your partner? Is he interested in learning ways (literature/guide movies) about woman orgasms? I know some men can be prude and say that they dont have to but from personal experience i can honestly say that i have learned alot and even though i havent used all that information in real life, i am sure it would help me in the future.

So my perspective as a bloke :-) I'd be absolutely devestated if we rolled over and went to sleep before my wife had climaxed. If I'm honest I feel so strongly about it that I try very hard to make her climax at least once during foreplay.

I think you have to speak to him and explain how you are feeling. It might be that he is reading the signals incorrectly or alternatively he may just be selfish. Hope you sort it out..........something as simple as saying "my turn first today" might get a subtle message over.