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I’m really new to any type of anal play and purchased these []
After using them alone just to test the water over a few days, last night my husband asked me to wear one to kind of fulfil a fantasy of something in each hole without involving another person… I used the medium one and at some point during it disappeared (to put it nicely…) it was difficult to retrieve and would like to not repeat the experience in such a hurry. The loop is flexible but quite sturdy and I expected it to stay out, I’ve not yet managed the larger one but is there a correct way to use these?
Are they for training purposes only and really shouldn’t be used during any form of intercourse? I’m generally lost on the whole subject and would rather the experience of last night not put me off completely. Any input or help is greatly appreciated, thanks

Best ones tend to have a flared base. But I’ve had a similar experience with a similar product so your not alone and now I’ve moved on to the ones with flared bases no problems. Theres plenty to choose from so I can’t recommend a best.

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That set would be good for using for anal play (ie when you or your partner keeps hold of them) but they aren’t great for leaving in, especially during penetration when there is a lot of muscle contractions going on.

You ideally want something where the base is larger than the widest part of the toy.

Alternatively, you can put something through the finger loop to help anchor it outside your body. A vibrator works really well as then you can choose to have the vibration too if you like.


I’m not familiar with plugs with a looped end like that, but from appearance to me it looks like they would be good to play with when involving another person. As in they could slide their finger through the loop and do the inserting for you, and play around from there. As @Naomithea mentioned, plugs with a flared base are a safe go to though. Less likely to slide in & disappear as you put it. You could see an example with a flared base here -

I had a plug ‘disappear’ once and it was a very scary and upsetting experience so I very much get why you wouldn’t want to repeat that :sweat_smile: It was a major mood killer and for a while I was turned off to anal play. Buttttt, anal play can be great fun and pleasurable so if you feel comfortable doing so and you are keen to explore this then give it another go! Now that you know that it is possible for the plug to slide inside fully you will be aware of that and can avoid it happening again with a bit of extra attention. Good luck!

Thank you ever so much @nieve @Calie @Naomithea from someone who is incredibly new your advice is greatly appreciated. I’ll be sure to take more caution and definitely hook something through the end, or just buy replacements! Thank you!

A bungee cord attached to the bed would work.

Seriously though. As @Calie has pointed out on other similar posts you should always try and use something where the base is either wider than the largest part of the toy or look for a T-bar style plug. Especially if you’re wearing it during sex.

We find flat based one are better for us some people like t bar ones it best to find ones you like the feeling of

T Bar all the way. Be nice if they did some metal T bar varieties though.


Could always tie a string in the finger loop

@MooseyB Everyone has given some really great advice. 3.5 inches circumference is a good starting size, which is the same as the medium plug in that set. If you found that one comfy and easy to insert the sligtly larger ones one here will probably also be fine.
I would recommend sticking with silicone till your used to them. (Maybe leave metal and glass for later, they are more intense.)
avoid PVC and soft plastics. They’re porus and cant be cleaned properly. PVC can also leach chlorine. Which i can tell you from personal experience, is not fun)

There arent alot of 3.5” silicone plugs without a loop in the shop at the moment. So the next two are 3.75” circumference.

People often recommend plugs with a round (etc) base for sex over T-bar bases. I cant comment personally as i havent used them for this, but find T-bar’s more comfortable for longer wear.

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Oh no no no those are mainly for anal play rather than just wearing them. You need some with a flared base. I find the Lovehoney classic silicone butt plugs are the best for anyone whether you are a beginner or super experienced. They go from super small to huge.

Yikes! Yes having a loop at the end isn’t ideal for during play but an easy way you can ensure no panic moments is to tie some strong ribbon or string around the loop so if in the event of losing it again you’ll be able to easily pull out :relieved:

Thank you all for replies, I know realise my horrific mistake and as mentioned it’s not one id like to repeat! I’ll possibly be giving any kind of anal play a miss for the next few days but I’m not scared off it entirely. I’ve received some other anal vibrator style with T bars at the end- they are a lot stronger than the hoops

Thank you everyone for your never ending knowledge :+1: