Plug Tore a Sphincter?

Long story short, I used buttplugs once upon a time.. I liked feeling the stretch and was working my way towards larger plugs. One day I went a little too fast with something a little too large.. Something inside my a$s felt like it went snap.. It's been over a year since this happened, probably going on two now actually.. I did go to doctors at first but didn't know how to explain my situation and ended up just overwhelming them with too much sexual info.. The problem never got fixed.. I'm having regular spasms of pain to this day.. I don't know what to do.. I don't have health insurance any more.. Can someone here help me with ideas on what to do? This forum is the first time I've found a place where I could even feasably ask this question...
PS, I'm a 34 Yr. old male if it matters at all..

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Very sorry to read of your problem, BT. Hate to say it, but you've underlined a point frequently made by anal enthusiasts - ie, you should always go very carefully and very gradually, and use plenty, plenty, PLENTY of lube.

You don't say how big you had previously managed, and how much larger your 'something a little too large' was. I'm currently using toys of 10-inches circumference without pain or problem, but I got here gradually, over more years that I care to relate. And I'm talking about rigid toys, probably equivalent to a softer buttplug 11.5 or 12 inches around. I haven't experienced any of the symptoms you describe.

How long ago did this incident happen to you? (ie, how long have you been experiencing the pain spasms you mention?)
Do the spasms occur at the sphincter, or internally?
Does your problem affect your continence?
If you insert your finger, can you 'grip' it with your sphincter?

I'm afraid I have no medical training, so I can't answer your questions properly or give you help other than telling you of my own experiences. Perhaps there are other members here who can?

Thanks for your response Greebo, I'm sorry for my delayed reply..

It's been close to two years since my last anal escapade! During my last times of experimentation I could only describe myself as being so high on sexual endorphines that in the name of getting off I 'ended' up trying things that went against my common sense.. Things like potentially unhealthy (household item) lubes and/or heat generating liquids/lubes.. Also as you may have gathered by reading my other post in "anul horror stories" I experimented with produce, and I might not have cleaned something from the store well enough...

The 'bottom' line is that I basically went hog wild trying different things out (or should I say "in"?), and there could be any number of things I did that caused my current pain and physical problems..

To answer your questions better about the plug incident;
I think the plug I was using was this one It WAS a large plug, but not HUGE.. Mine was black.. It's been almost a couple years.. The pain is not severe, but like a sharp stabbing feeling that comes in pulses. Sometimes I don't feel it that much really, but other times the pain is coming and going a lot.. The pain feels internal, and feels like it's coming from the left side/inner wall of my a$s.. My continence IS affected.. Finding myself having to coax things out manually, but not every time.. I CAN grip my finger.. For a while I was getting really nauseous every time I had to urinate.. I was having gut pain and feelings of sickness until I would urinate, then the sick feeling would go away.. That doesn't happen so much anymore, but I do still get some bladder pain/discomfort occasionally, and the stabbing pains in my bum..

To close up this post I'll say just a couple last things..
I'm NOT debilitated by these problems, not yet anyways.. I am VERY concerned however and am trying to resolve the issues.. I'm a fairly active person in average shape, not too overweight or anything.. I'm hoping I can beat whatever these problems are that I'm still figuring out.. As said before, it could be any number of things.. I'd probably be a great submissive because it was with a mentality of self abuse, degradation, and humiliation that I attacked my a$s with slutty toys of many varieties!

And lastly.. I considered whether or not I should even post again based on the fact that this IS NOT a medical board, but really only supposed to be "reviews of products"... I feel on one hand that my discussion is out of place. And yet at the same time I feel the discussion is very much in it's right place because mine is a true review of what things can go wrong with toys and other experimentation if not done right. This is valuable reading for anyone who is considering getting into anal stimulus for their first time..

I don't expect anyone to be able to tell me what I need to do medically for my situation, not from this discussion board anyways.. But I am open to the possibility that some of you might know something, or have some of your own personal experience that you could offer to me as ideas or suggestions! If you can, that would be great!

Thanks again!

Hi bumtrauma. Apt username!

Ouch. Sorry to hear of your pain. I too enjoy large toys and have never had problems. I also advise taking loads of time, going slowly and using lots of lube. NEVER desensitising lube or you may do damage without realising at the time.

From what you say it sounds like you may have torn the inner sphincter muscle. I know you say you have no health insurance (hoorah for England and the NHS!) but I'd advise you at least get an examination to diagnose the problem before it gets worse. You can consider treatment options after you know what's up. Leaving it does not seem like a good option to me, and could end up far costlier potentially.

In the meantime, find yourself a copy of the book "Anal Pleasure and Health" by Dr Jack Morin (ISBN-13: 978-0940208087) It will help you.

ps - I assumed you were a US member from your language but your stats say you're a UK member. No problem getting treatment then. Just go to your GP, tell the truth, ask very strongly for a referal to a proctologist and get it treated on the NHS.

Sorry, that first ISBN number was for an our of date edition of the book. Take a look at this link. The book is under nine quid at Amazon

Thanks for the suggestions Bath-Bi-Guy. You were right to assume I was in the USA.. I didn't notice the dropdown menu to select a country when I signed up.. It's been updated now though!

I'll see if I can get a copy of that book. I could definitely use any resources that will help my education on this matter!

I wish I WERE in the UK so that I could take advantage of this NHS you speak of!

NHS = National Health Service.

Everyone in the UK pays a small percentage of their wages directly into health insurance tax. You earn less, you pay less and vice versa. You cannot opt out. It means that everyone in the country has equal rights to all the health care they need, no matter how rich or poor. Nobody has to suffer because they can't pay. You can still go private if you want, and get treated in a pay as you go hospital with room service and fancy interiors, but there's no need usually.

Anyway, it's a shame you don't have something similar.

[Anyway, it's a shame you don't have something similar.

Tell me about it!!

Well I still appreciate the information that you and Greebo shared with me and will put it to the best use that I can.

Thanks again,

Did you manage to get it checked out by a doctor yet? a few years ago I had trouble down there (not the same as your trouble) and had a rectal examination. that would no doubt reveal the cause of the problems you're experiencing. Your health is far too important to not look after.

for the record I have that butt plug you mentioned, it does tend to 'pop' in if you're not lubed up enough, I've had a few ocassions when I've rushed it and it does hurt like hell for a good while!