Plus size Lingerie

Hi all! I was just wondering if any other slightly larger ladies could recommend some sexy lingerie? I'm sure many of you are like me and know you don't quite look like the model in the picture and we question ourselves and ask whether or not we can 'pull it off' haha!

My problem area is my stomach so I like things which are flattering in that area and tends to hold me in! I'm pretty tall as well so 'all in one' things tend to be far too short...the boob bits end up by my waist and I'm left thinking....okay to where's the rest of it?! 😂

So far the one thing I absolutely love is the 'lovehoney captivate me wet look basque'...can anyone recommend anything else?

Hello! I am yet to dive in the lingerie lovehoney has to offer, but I consider it a little pointless being single lol.

However I just spotted this, it looks lovely. I think being bigger it's important to have construction in lingerie I guess? In regards to the boob area.

let me know what you think

Hi and welcome to the forums x

I have loads of lingerie from here in plus size and I too dislike my stomach so we have something in common. I've listed a few of my favourites which I find particularly flattering....

And finally a cheeky one ;)

It would be helpful if you could be a little more precise regarding sizing (I know it is not necessarily something you want to share but honestly it would help).

Let me start by saying I am actually a lady of approx size 16/18, I am not blessed in the boob department and I am approx 5' 11" tall. This gives you some idea of my size - so now I will let you know what I have to offer as advice.

I have found the all in one body stockings to be fine in every aspect including length.

These are some that I have :-

You will notice that some are one size 6-16 and they still fit.

I also have the following:-

Again some in plus size and some one size. You just need to check out the individual size charts and go from there.

I also have 'tummy issues', but can say that I feel pretty good in all of the above, and a certain hubby appears to agree too!

I hope this helps - and remember, LH has a great returns policy, so if you find you order the wrong size, or you just aren't happy with the look, you can exchange or return.

Good luck, and happy hunting xx