Popped the Anal Sex OH cherry!

Wow, well tonight I popped my OH anal cherry with full on penetrative sex! It was amazing!

All the advice we read on here was right, it's taken about 2 months to get to it using butt plugs, fingers and vibrating plugs and glass dildos!

We've tried and failed before but now I absolutely understand why you need to train your body to accept it. In fact only 3 weeks ago we tried and my OH said my cock was too big and it was never going to happen.

Tonight she took the whole thing and loved it, I've got to learn to calm down a little when in her as it's not the same as her pussy fucking her hard lol!

All in all amazing experience and can't wait for more and cumming in her arse!

Thanks every one for the advice!

Nice one Richy, my OH is now an anal pro and she loves it as she can orgasm from anal sex, as for going hard like you said take it easy at first but the more we did it the harder I could get until now I can fuck her as hard or if not harder than in her pussy.
What my OH did was to keep going up in plug sizes as this makes anal even easier for initial penetration and hard fucking. Have fun!

Good stuff... Just more practice then... We have the doc Johnson medium butt plug and she still couldn't take that tonight but we didn't try after my cock where I think she would have taken it.

She orgasmed with my cock in her ass but she needs lots of clitoral simulation all the way along...

nice work, a little persistence and a lot of patience is the key.

take it slow, keep it enjoyable and you will both reap the benefits

now to get a strap on and offer yourself up for the same training ! ;-)

Can I ask, I want to put a butt plug in my oh (male) he has let me finger (1) and put anal beads in, do you think he will need lots of prepping, I've only bought the beginners one on the 3 for £10 offer. Not sure what or how to go about it and that's if he will let me do it in the first place. I do have anal lube.

So I'd start with the slimline butt plug first. It's not intimidating and should slide up easily. Let him wear that whilst he fucks you then build up from there :-)

Shouldn't need much prepping tbh....just start at the small end :-)

I wondered about trying with my oh (male) but was not sure the best way to progress from a finger to something a bit more stimulating.

Tbh...my first time was not quite as planned....although discussed as something to try... My fb took my training wheels off in this area with pretty much no major workup... After getting me in a high state of arousal...He took it slow and told me to relax... A bit of fingering and before I knew it we were at full steam ahead!
It is a bit of a mind set... And definitely worth it😉 tbh...I surprised myself how far I could get...zero to 130 miles per hour in one evening.

That's great! ^_^ I think it gets better with practice and patience. We never planned anal, just one day we went for it unexpected then tried out butt plugs/fingers/anal dildo. After a few months I don't find it painfully anymore, learning to relax takes time but it's worth it 100%!

Personally I won't let him near my back end but I love his. Maybe one day I'll let him. Not brave enough for that. If he says it hurts should I continue will the pain subside or is it best to stop. I did it with a finger once with him on his back and he said it hurt so I stopped much to my disappointment.

Well tried again last night and it worked again but after having sex two days ago not sure we were both aroused enough really. She took it well but I struggled with cumming. I do find the basic love honey lube burns my bell end.

can anyone recommend decent lube that doesn't do this?

Not it the best session last night so think we need to have plenty of days before doing it again or save it up for a special treat!