Poppers during sex? Yes or no?

Does anyone use poppers during there sex session? Do you like it or feel it adds to sensations? Are some brands better than others?

Sorry . Not sure what these are. We'd like to know though and maybe try x

I haven’t used them during sex but I have done them just in general I imagine it would be pretty cool to use them during sex, my best friend has and he said it was amazing!

The little bottles of amly nitrate, you can buy them in some newsagents and some sex shops. They can add a good feeling during sex. Just look it up before you try.

As well as producing a short term 'high' they are a muscle relaxant and have the effect of relaxing the anal sphincter muscle so they make anal penetration much easier.

They were almost banned in the Uk recently but the government did a U turn and they were exempted from the ban.

Can't say i'm a fan. Gave me a heart palpatation and then a bit of a headache a few hours later. No real impact on the sex.

Some people enjoy them though.

Peter Sellers used these before sex with Britt Ekland and had 8 consecutive heart attack’s in 3 hours.

I haven't looked at any scientific research on the dangers/effects, but bear in mind that using poppers is a form of solvent abuse. Avoid in particular if you have any history of heart or blood pressure problems.

I used them as a teenager for fun, in conjunction with smoking weed. But never tried them for sex. I don't really go in for recreational drugs anymore, so will probably never try this.

I also never really understood the idea that you would take a muscle relaxant before anal sex. Unless you have a seriously acute problem with getting relaxed, I can't see any need for this. Also, difficulty relaxing muscles before sex is likely connected to anxiety I think, so a drug that raises your pulse and heart pressure would seem a terrible solution.

Good article here ...


A few quotes from this article:

Inhaling poppers can cause severe effects, and may be fatal.

Taking the drug in this way can cause irregular and rapid heart rhythms and result in a called "sudden sniffing death."

Also, poppers can have other complications that are potentially fatal.

Still think it's a good idea?


I tried them way back in the day ....an unpleasant experience to say the least! A horrible chemical smell that made my heart rate skyrocket , my face felt red hot and I had a kind of throbbing feeling in my head. In fact the last thing I felt like was having sex! I genuinely thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Did in fact go on to have sex once I'd stopped panicking but there was no noticible difference in pleasure. Based on my experience I'd say don't use them.

get a banging headache off them!how do they make sex better?