Post Office

Hi everyone, I want to get some toys delivered to the post office but I can't seem to find the option where it says I can collect from PO, only a tracked delivery to my door option. Please can anyone help?? thank youuuu

Hey. :)

When you're on stage 2 of the checkout, it will say:

"we will send your order to:

[your address]."

Underneath that, click the button that says "change", and a form where you can fill out a new address will appear. Underneath that form, click "deliver to my nearest post office" and type in your postcode.

I think I remember reading that if you pay by paypal it doesn't give you the Post Office option.

Thanks for your reply! but for some reason there is option whatsoever that says I can deliver to my nearest post office?

Sorted! all this time I was using the paypal option. Thank youuu