Powerful toy

Hi what is the most powerful toy you have purchased

This is the toy with the most power we own:


Not the most used but loads of power x

Anything mains powered is going to be stronger than batteries/rechargeables, we are really loving this Lovehoney wand at the moment, it feels stronger than the older classic version.


Love my lovehoney mains wand, its my go-to every time

I agree with the above posters. Mains powered wands. My first was the LH deluxe. Had 2 of those. Also love my Doxy original, or Diecast.

Sorry to be silly but what is Roxy and diecast

Doxy is a brand of toys, and the Original and the Die-cast are a couple of their models.


Thanks Ian Chimp

As many others, I'll say a wand (for me this one https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=37246 ) as well as Lelo's clitoral suction vibe ( https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=38998 ) The higher settings on both are too powerful for me, even though I find that most toys are quite weak. ;)

Yep the wand, hands down....have used orbital sanders around the house with less grunt than that thing.

Definitely magic wand like everyone else here. They're... wowee

As everyone has mention before me, a mains wand. I can't even go anywhere near the higher settings. It's just crazy powerful.


Definitely the mains powered Doxy for me

In general it is fair to say that mains powered toys are the most powerful followed by rechargeable then those using batteries.