Pregnancy & sexiness

I'm just starting to show with a nice little bump..However, I'm struggling with what lingerie to wear..I don't like baby dolls as a rule because I find they can look frumpy and make a woman look bigger than they are..A body stocking is too clingy..and my basques might be too can I look sexy but still be comfy?

Stretchy fabric basques might be a good option for you. I've not yet been pregnant, but in the last 10 years have had a baby bump like belly that I hate. Going up a size in stretchy basques will also help stay comfy both you and your baby. I can especially recommend this one: - there's also a pink version of it if you prefer and both colours are available in 'regular' size too (also in the sale if I'm not wrong now). Having said that, I do think you should reconsider babydolls, they don't always work for me either, but generally speaking it's that style that hides the most... :)

What about a silky or lacy robe? You could pair it with a nice matching bra set? x

Hi Glitter&Pearls, not sure if they're still going but there used to be a lingerie company that did nursing bras called HotMilk. Range was quite hit and miss if I recall but they did do some gorgeous satin-y and lacy nursing bras :)

It might not be much help but I think sexyness comes down to confidence and the person your with.
I'm not a massive fan of babydolls but I do think they can look amazing.
I do have a weakness for a bodystocking and I don't thing pregnancy is a bodystocking no no.
But it comes down to what you feel sexiest in.

I agree with getting a robe. They can fit over a bump nicely, especially if you buy one slightly bigger than usual. When I was pregnant I felt awful allll the time, constant sickness, heartburn, sore everywhere, my daughter was really cheeky and kicked in all the worst places so feeling sexy was uh.. not something that often came around. But a lot of people say that pregnant women are really sexy because of how natural and beautiful pregnancy is. A robe did make me feel better; I'd bought a really nice, soft leopard one from a high street store. I think silk might be best as it will feel good against the skin when/if (some people get lucky) it starts to stretch and it won't irritate your stretch marks.

And I can't fault a good maternity bra, I was reluctant to get one but they are so much more comfortable and even just being comfortable when you're pregnant can make a day much more pleasant and leave you feeling a bit more relaxed.

Thank you all for your suggestions..if I ordered some baby dolls and a robe..I can send back what I don't like, I like the look of the oh la la cheri set and the black lace robe..
I think a pregnant woman looks beautiful..but I'm struggling to feel sexy this time, I like making the effort for my OH even if some nights I'd prefer pj's and slipper socks haha!!!
I have my scan on weds, I cannot wait xxx

I just find making love to the woman who's expecting our baby so incredibly sexy whatever she's earing - but preferably nothing :-)