Pregnancy - Super-sized bras

Hey folks,

We're looking for some advice / guidance as to where Mrs Dunf. can get pretty, stylish bras that are suitable for expectant mothers?

She's only 8 weeks gone and is already bursting out of her HH bras. All her bras are underwired lightly padded plunge style and she'd like to continue with these if possible.

Whilst some people advise not to wear underwired bras whilst expecting - she is of the opinion that she can get away with it as she will need the support.

This is where the issue comes in.
All the maternity bras we have seen so far are 'soft' bras - one giant cup, that do not offer the support required, nor do they appear to be practical for wearing every day tank-tops and/or dresses.
Yes, we are aware of places such as Bravissimo (we regularly shop there) but it's the additional cost of getting what she wants / needs; we do appreciate that we may just need to absorb this cost and more frequent visits.

What solutions have the ladies on here found and worked with?


First of all, congrats! My OH had some luck with Hotmilk and Ewa Michalak, both do HH cups in a variety of back sizes and styles. My OH has a couple of hot milk non underwired bras which she says were fantastic.