Premature ejaculation

Hi im looking for advice as I keep premature ejaculation its getting really annoying and effecting me I tried the start and stop technique but it doesn't work. The slightest touch can set it off especially in my sleep it's annoying as it wakes me up

Have you tried any delay creams/sprays or condoms? Plenty of choice online:

You can always try using one of the masturbators which are stamina training. I understand the frustration but try not to focus on as much on this, stop and start techniques can work but make sure you don’t leave it too long. A lot of guys will have a tommy tank before a date to ensure they last a little longer.

Hi thank you for your advice I've tried a masturbator but doesn't seem to help much but I take a look at the creams and sprays thank you

A few years back I went through a stage of getting way over excited and I used The lovehoney one:
This worked wonders for me

OK thank you for your help


4Uonly wrote:

Hub has been very successful in this area. He uses a handheld virbator for training (in the past) and he uses the same start-stop technique. Some nights he knows we are going into marathon and he will prepares himself like he did before in the morning. He doesn't do it prior to our sexy night like few hours before coz it never worked for him.

The intense vibration caused a "memory effect" and any vibration lower than this will not have any effect on his P.

The disadvantage using this training method may caused frustration so we experienced -very difficult for him to climax. There were many occassions I had multiples but he has none and we have to use his vibrator to ends the night.

We don't use delay cream coz he loose all the feelings.

OK thank you for your help

OK thank you for your help

I have had PE for many years to deal with it in my younger years I would consider the frist cum session a warm up, I would recover while I was orally pleasing my OH then the second go would last as long as I wanted as long as I was in control of all the movement. ( which can leave your mate wanting more even when your done for the second or third time.

The one single most inexpensive toy I tried that works wonder for PE and even ED problems is the wonderful cock ring.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes get lots of them and try different ones out until you find just the right one.

With a Cock ring you will get harder longer and larger, as a added bonus you will last much longer.

Keep in mind you can only use a cock ring for a 1/2 hour or so, make sure to read up on them before purchaisng.

I can tell you both your OH and you will love it.

Agree with what's been said above - I particularly recommend a good cock-ring.

But I will add one thing. Do NOT let this become an all consuming worry.or it WILL get worse. Some years ago I had precisely the same issue - I really let it niggle away at me, untl it really affected our love-making.

Once I actually conquered the worry, with the help of my wife - lo and behold the problem slipped away. I know this sounds a bit trite (and I don't mean to) - but for me the problem was more psychological than physical.

I would recommend this product, a cock ring definetly helps too!

To be fair if you need to pop just pop, then go again! You usually last longer after the first orgasum.

Hi I haven't had this trouble so by all means ignore my advice but as others have touched on I think that if you try to put less focus on the problem it may ease your anxiety about it. A cock ring will help and if you're worried about it all finishing to early for your partner there are lots of other thing you can do to pleasure them while you get your second wind. In the end have fun and don't stress yourself about it as this will only make the problem worse.

Thank you for your help I've got the stay longer spray and will try a cock ring too. I haven't got a partner so I just wanted to get this problem sorted before I do

Good luck Super Spice man.

Tracy Coz created an app called Edge Stamina which was made to help those with PE. It has training and tips to follow :)

OK and thank you :-)

Cock rings aren't a guaranteed fix though! Keep that in mind. They help for some people and for others it can make things worse.

OK thank you

I’m in my mid 20s and suffer for the problem. I tried condoms, delay lube, Cock rings and training. The only thing that helped was a delay spray which lovehoney have now discounted.

Don’t think I’ll be able to train myself now. It’s very frustrating. I wonder if anyone has ever managed to turn it around.