Price increase on Lelo?

I was thinking about getting the Mia 2 and I'm pretty sure last week it was ten pounds cheaper now all of the Lelo toys seem to have gone up in price by around £10-20 and I'm confused?

Market economy my dear, supply and demand, survival of the fittest, snoozey losey

Yeah the prices have gone up. I want the Soraya and I noticed the price increase

I had the Mia 2 on my wishlist too and I noticed the price increase :/ I can't imagine splurging on it now until there's a sale on/ good voucher offer!

Lelo are responsible for the price rise, they've introduced it worldwide, they give retailers no choice sadly

As Sum Sub says its market demand. If you still want the best then you will have to pay accordingly.

On the other hand if people stopped buying their products then this may lead to decreases, sometimes temporaily in the form of Sales etc.

Market forces at play here .

I'd still pay the prices I was just surprised! Hoping now that the Mona or Ina Wave makes it to the Christmas sale though

The best way to buy Lelo is with a discount code, because Lelo also somewhat govern sale prices - in short, they don't like their items being heavily discounted, which is why, although you may get lucky on the odd occasion, it generally doesn't happen

Subby's right. The company felt customers would still buy their products even if they were more expensive... so they raised them. What a good thing there are still 25% off codes floating around...

Lelo have gotten further from my grasp. Even with a discount, I don't think I could ever afford one.

I have 3 Lelo products, I never could just buy one of the more expensive (£100 plus ones) on a whim as I just couldnt justify spending that much money on myself. Although if I did do it, it would be for a birthday treat or a Christmas gift to myself.

I guess it really doesn't make a difference for me either way. I do agree though that it is a little bit sneaky of them to do it and I don't agree with it.