Price Matching

This one is really for LH themselves and may be worth considering, price matching.

Over the years I have purchased a lot of sex toys and other items from LH and also been indulged with testing too. LH is most definitely one of the best if not the best supplier of toys in the industry.

It is my first point of call for toys and generally don't even bother to look elsewhere.

Their customer care and 365 day returns does set them apart from most of their competitors I would suggest but when you are about to spend eighty pounds on another toy in order to gain an extra inch of girth and are wondering if it will make that much more of a difference then I felt I should just have a peak elsewhere around the net.

In general I would say that LH are very competitive and you would be hard pressed to get a better deal.

On this occasion though I found a twenty pounds difference so you know already what I did.

I am a strong advocate for brand and also company loyalty in many things and wonder if maybe LH need to introduce a "Price Matching"?

Hey kc.

This is a good suggestion and one we have heard before, but the reason it isn't something we're looking to offer is because of the reasons you've mentioned above: Lovehoney offer 365 day returns (even if you've tried it), 24/7 customer care, free sex toy testing, educational material, an online community and a toy recycling scheme. 

You won't find these services provided by many other retailers at all, let alone sex toy shops.

The way we see it, that little bit extra you may pay is "worth it" for the incomparible service we offer (wihtout sounding TOO much like we're blowing our own trumpet!!)

And I would say that, actually, when you're looking at spending £80+ on a sex toy, the returns policy and customer care etc etc are even more important. Personally, I wouldn't want to buy elsewhere and then be stuck with something I'd spent a lot of money on simply because I'd used / opened it. 

For me, the extra £20 is worth it for this fact. At least if you don't like it, you can send it on back and only lose out on postage, rather than the full whack! 

Service, quality, selection, price.

In most businesses if you excel in 3 of those 4 items, you can usually get away with being a bit out on the 4th (although these days, perhaps less so with so many internet options).

LH's service to date for us has been exemplary, no questions asked when an issue has arisn, simply a quick apology by the staff and a replacement / credit offered straight off the bat, no haggling, no qualms. It is without doubt the best online experience I have come across.

As for the other 3, we get somewhat disadvantaged on our end of the globe (southern hemisphere) so when I look at the other 3 from my list, LH is usually as cheap if not a good deal cheaper than local suppliers and offers considerably more options than is available locally.

When you add in the other benefits offered particularly through LHs reward program and I would think the pricing mismatch may come back more to timing rather than a outright mismatch (if the item is on offer or not, or, if there is an email from the temptress Bonny offering further discounts etc).

No company should rest on its laurels and needs to be aware of its operating environment (particulalry as competitive as online shopping is) but I would hate to see the level of service drop off for the sake of a few quid :)


The service here is second to none and I can see that's not being questioned here. 😊 Good job Lovehoney! As for pricing, If I was buying an expensive item, Lovehoney is the place I'd be spending my pennies without a doubt due to the safety net of the returns policy. If you do a quick search you'll often find money off, free gift promotions floating around too, to sweeten the deal and make Lovehoney actually very competitive.