Prince albert

So here goes.... my oh would like me to have Prince albert done. She is by no way forcing me but I know how much she would enjoy it. I also like the look. I know it's going to hurt, is it worth it?
Any women here whos partners have it? Is it a real turn on?

My husband has one. It's not something I find a turn on nor do I find it a turn off. He wanted it done and I believe he has the right to choose what he does to his body without my approval. It really doesn't make a difference to me but he loves it.

He said it didn't hurt as much as he initially thought it would but the healing process takes a while. Abstaining is advised for a number of weeks and also wearing condoms for a while after to prevent infection.

Let us know what you decide 😊

To be honest I've decided I want it done I just have the small issue of plucking up the courage to essentially have a strangely drive a needle through my bell end lol!

I got mine done when I was 40! didn't hurt much given I don't like needles I now have a 12mm thick ring in which is about 3oz in weight, wife's never had an issue with such a big heavy ring when having sex, mine was done by a woman which might have made it easier for me.

I have a normal PA which heals very quickly, I wish now I had gone for a reverse pa(comes out of the top) but this is more painfull(wimpy me) and takes longer to heal and is harder to increase the gauge of the ring.

Follow the healing advice and enjoy about 5 weeks to heal fully Titanium best for long term wear 2.4mm should be your starting size not smaller.

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Hi Burhol84#

PA piercings are known for being pretty painless due to the lack of resistence in the head of the penis. It's a very quick and smooth procedure which takes a matter of minutes from start (marking you with a pen) to finish (putting the jewellery in).

My best advice would be to do your research (there's a great forum on for asking questions about body mods) and go to someone reputable.

If you're not au fait with piercings, these points will help: 

1) It should be pierced with a needle

2) The jewellery should be made from titanium, PTFE or bioplast. NO other materials (including stainless steel, silver, gold, silicone etc) 

3) The needle and jewellery used should be no smaller than 2.4mm in diameter. Any smaller causes the jewellery to grow out / increases the chances of the jewellery being torn out. 

4) PA piercings need minimal aftercare. A simple saline solution a couple of times a day for the first few days, but then you can leave it to nature to do the rest. 

5) Abstain from sex for around 3-6 weeks (check with your piercer on exact timeframe) and stick to sugar-free water-based lubes for the first 6 weeks of healing. 

Good luck with it! 

Thanks Jess. Your post does help a lot. It's only a matter of time before I pluck up the courage to have it done, 3 to 6 week without sex! That's a tall order!!! However I get there is other ways... :-D

Burhol84# wrote:

Thanks Jess. Your post does help a lot. It's only a matter of time before I pluck up the courage to have it done, 3 to 6 week without sex! That's a tall order!!! However I get there is other ways... :-D

You're welcome! Honestly, from the guys I know who've had it done, they've said they'd rather have another PA than stub their toe... Then again stubbing one's toe does majorly suck! 

Basically there is no set time for abstaining - it all depends on your body and how quickly you heal. The main points are not to aggrevate it, be kind and gentle with it, and to be super clean. So if you feel you're up to sex / sex play before the 3 weeks, go for it but be careful, take it slow and give it a good clean after sex. You might like to wear a condom during the healing period too. 

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See how I feel later in the week.... Saturday morning could be the day!

Burhol84# wrote:

See how I feel later in the week.... Saturday morning could be the day!

Let us know how it goes if you go through with it! 

And of course, only do it if YOU want it (though it sounds like you do 😀 )

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I had my PA done over 10 years ago and it was the least painful piercing i have had and healed really quickly. As others have said you need to look after it well for the first few weeks, I cleaned mine with saline but what was the most hilarious was the piercer recommended soaking it in warm saline, so there i am, mug of warm boiled water with salt dissolved into it with my todger dangling in it and my wife walks into the room, takes one look and almost dies of laughter, she still takes the piss out of me! But it worked. Good luck and be gentle with it after.

Hi mate, had my PA done years ago and it was painless just waiting for my ampallang piercing to heal again no pain whatsoever.

just try and relax and don't get to stressed about it, you stress yourself out more worrying about it hurting so much only to find that it doesn't hurt. It's uncomfortable for a couple of days after but nothing major. The main thing is keep it clean although it does clean itself when you pee, so drink lots.

I found that when I could masturbate comfortably I was ready to try sex that was about 3 weeks after, just take it nice and slow only you know how it feels so communication is key with your partner.

Enjoy the piercing mate and be prepared to spend quite a bit of time showing people

Cheers, I might go this saturday morning if I have time if not it'll be next month.

Do the PA's set off metal detectors and is it hard to pee standing up?

E13Lee wrote:

Do the PA's set off metal detectors and is it hard to pee standing up?

I can't comment for peeing standing up, but did you know that peeing sitting down is a LOT more healthy for you? Ideally, men should sit down to pee as often as they can (every time if possible).

Titanium doesn't set off metal detectors, but if you change the jewellery to something like stainless steel, it might. 

That could be interesting in the airport lol!

No they don't set off metal detectors unfortunately even the stainless ones but they would show up on X Ray.

As for peeing it depends on if you have a foreskin and also personal choice, I do have a foreskin and can pull it over the ring but I don't like how it feels so I personally sit down to pee, even more so now I have 4 holes in the old chap, but you can pee standing up it just takes a well placed thumb and a good aim

We actually have th situation in reverse. My boyfriend has seen the Prince Albert piercing and has been asking me for some time, over a year now, if I would mind if he gets one. I had never thought about it before and wasn't sure on the look but it seems that he really does want one so don't really have a problem with him getting one. i don't know if it will enhance anything but I suppose just knowing he has one will be a turn on and secret. I'm sure if I tell him to go get one with my approval he will do so quickly!

In answer to peeing standing up, my husband can't. Well he can but makes a terrible mess, more so than he used to. He's become accustomed to sitting to pee.

The more I look into this Prince Albert piercing the more I want the PA and a Guiche piercing also!