Printing nude pics of my partner

Hi Everyone

Has anyone had any experience with ordering physical prints of nude, personal pics from Google Photos?

I’ve got some topless photos of my partner, that are already stored within Google Photos. The website keeps on highlighting the offers they have, where you can print off physical prints of your pics and have them put into gift photo books and poster prints.

However does anyone have experience of doing this with nude photos (top half only :blush:) of a partner?

Ok, of course, if the order is rejected that’s not a big issue, but I have a greater fear. Would Google have to take action to ensure I have consent/permission to hold these photos (which I do but I’d rather avoid having to get my partner having to vouch for that.)

Alternatively has anyone had any hassle free experiences with ordering physical prints of nude photos from other companies?


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Not sure if you are brave enough- but I use the photo printers in my local supermarket

They are fast and cheap - but do it late at night or very early - we have a 24 hour one and I have done this at 2am - just when your selecting the photos be quick and make sure no one is looking

Being topless is fine - my photos are a bit more naughty


With today’s printer tech… why can’t you just do this at home?


I was thinking the same! Takes all the worry out of everything! Then pop to BnM grab a frame or photo album bobs ya uncle etc etc :wink::joy:

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Read the ts&cs to see what they say, I would expect that they’d do checks to make sure there wasn’t anything illegal. But if you were wanting them put into a book, theres likely an element of human interaction with it, so check their rules on it before you send your selection. If someone showed me themselves naked at my job, I’d not be happy, mostly because I work at home :laughing:

Agreed… but friggin funny at the same point.

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Hey folks . Thanks for all these helpful replies. I’ll look into if any nearby 24/7 supermarkets have the self service photoprinting and also look into getting a new printer that also does photos. Got to stay up to date on these things! Thanks

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I never thought about this before but sense with how things are you may get flagged to give consent or some form of identification maybe?!
If you do go ahead with ordering it’d be good to hear what happens :wink:

I don’t think they will print them,I’m sure someone tried this before and was quoted the line ffrom there terms and conditions.

I have had nude photos printed by a company before and was surprised by the fact they were on there! Its was an old fashioned film that I had found in a drawer and decided to get printed!
I did ask how they were allowed to print them and apprently as long as it’s adults and not “sexual” you should be ok!
Ours were at a party when we were younger and there was a few boobs being flashed and a couple if guys running around the garden in the nod! :joy::joy:
Seems like it was a pretty good party shame I don’t really remember much of it :man_facepalming:t3::joy::joy:
Tescos are a good place to print from a digital device though as you can do it straight on the machine without showing the attendant anything! Just as been said before carefull no one is watching over your shoulder :grimacing::smiling_face:

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Had the odd topless photo in a roll of film printed a Max Spielman back in the day. More recently have used Photobox to print photobooks of Boudoir/glamour (nudes but not pornographic) pictures with no problem.

My wife has just admitted to her secret desire of another man seeing a picture of her topless but that it would probaly never happen for a number of reasons even though it is a pretty tame fantasy.I did suggest as she already exchanges pictures ocasionally with her friend who also has a Sissy husband of us both in our maid dresses and lingerie shots etc etc that maybe she should include one of herself with her wonderful breasts on show.I suggested putting it in a seperate envelope to the other pics of me with a written note telling her that she could use the picture for him to view either as a treat or a reason to punish him if he gets hard or excited looking at another womans tits.As my wife has always been quite shy but is coming out of herself a lot more as the years go by i find this an amazing turn on and fully endorse as well as hope she does indeed send a picture or two.I have put no pressure to bear in case it is just a fantasy but told her she has marvellous breasts and they should be seen and enjoyed.

We did some at boots in the UK, their photo section.

Pop in your usb or bt to your phone, make sure no one is about, press print and sweat for 10 mins hoping someone doesn’t start using the adjacent machines.

Of course they go into a tray and can’t be seen, just remember to take all your prints, again do it off peak

For that matter… why not a digital photo frame?